Carlstar Introduces New Agricultural Tires

Carlstar Introduces New Agricultural Tires
The Carlstar Group has announced the launch of its Farm Specialist FR-G steel tire (L) and the Farm Specialist FB tire (R), among others. (Photo: The Carlstar Group)

New agricultural flotation tires, both bias and radial, have been introduced to North America and Europe.

The Carlstar Group recently introduced new products for agricultural markets both here and overseas. The new line builds up the Carlisle branded tire portfolio with four new tires – two radial and two bias tread patterns.

The Carlisle Farm Specialist FR Trac tire is a floatation and transport tire for field use in spreaders, trailers and implements, while the Farm Specialist FR-G and FR-G Steel tires are the ideal choice in applications where low soil compaction is important. It’s also suitable for transportation on paved roads.

In addition, Carlisle’s Farm Specialist FB and FB Light tires are also made to protect the soil with low compaction, while ensuring maneuverability on all surfaces.

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