Continental’s Urban Waste Transport Tires Renamed

Continental’s Urban Waste Transport Tires Renamed
Continental’s newly renamed Conti HAU 3 WT tire is currently available in 315/80R22.5 Load Range L. (Photo: Continental)

Continental recently announced that it has renamed its commercial waste transport tires and retreads for better clarity.

To ensure that tire dealers and fleets are able to identify the tire’s application and usage quickly, the new nomenclature is descriptive and easy to use. The new name contains vehicle classification, axle configuration, and application for which the tire was created.

Of the newly renamed tires, the Conti HAU 3 WT is a heavy truck tire developed for all-Position use in urban applications, for waste transport. Continental is currently offering it as a new tire in 315/80R22.5 Load Range L, and as a retread in 210-280 mm widths. The tire features a four-rib tread pattern with zigzag grooves that help in resisting high scrub. Extra sidewall protection on the tire helps in resisting curbs and cuts. For better mileage and heat reduction, the tire uses Continental’s “innovative” tread compound. Additionally, its bead design enhances the tire’s durability and increases resistance to brake heat. Continental has been offering the tire since May under the new name Conti HAU 3 WT, in addition to the main sizes of the retread ContiTread HAU 3 WT. The company will rename the remaining retread sizes over the next several months.

The ContiTread HDU 3 WT, part of the same family of tires, is a heavy truck pattern, created for drive axle use, in urban applications, for waste transport. The company will offer it as a retread in 210-280 mm widths. With the wide variety of widths available, Continental aims at ensuring that the retread is an accurate fit for all major casing sizes on the market, delivering better retread performance. For optimum traction, the tire features a deep 32/32” tread depth and sports an open-shoulder tread design. Additionally, heat build-up is prevented due to its notches. Continental intends to make the tire available under the new name ContiTread HDU 3 WT from August this year.

A waste transportation company in Statham, Georgia, Roll Off Systems, has been using Continental’s tires and retreads on its fleet of urban waste front-loaders and construction roll-offs. “The quality of the tire is excellent, both new and for retreadability. We don’t have sidewalls blown out; we don’t have tire failures. We typically get two retreads on a casing,” says Mike Corkran, Fleet Maintenance Manager of the company, regarding the decision to choose Continental’s waste transport tires. “What impresses me the most is the service we get out of them, their durability, and that they’re easy to repair.”

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