Commercial Tire Showcase

Commercial Tire Showcase
A closer look at some of the newest tires for the commercial market. (Photos: Arisun, Double Coin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Hankook, Hercules Tire, Kumho, Michelin, Toyo, Triangle, Westlake, Yokohama)

A closer look at some of the newest tires for the commercial market.

The wonderful world of commercial tires is an exciting one to explore, especially this year. We invited all the manufacturers to send us their latest and greatest, and they certainly did.

We’re seeing a number of severe service tires this year, along with winter applications. We invite you to take a closer look at our Showcase so that you’re ready to better serve the needs of your commercial tire customers.

Arisun AD778: This premium drive tire is suitable for regional paved roads. The special tread compound and tire carcass help guarantee long tire life and better retreadability, while extra deep grooves and central longitudinal ribs improve traction.
Double Coin RSD1: Double Coin’s RSD1 is a drive-position tire optimized for severe winter conditions – from ice and snow. The RSD1 offers superior durability, performance and retreadability.
Firestone FS818: Designed for all position use, the Firestone FS818 tire is a dependable, durable option for fleets looking for long-lasting performance in severe service environments. Special tread compounds resist cuts, chips, tearing and irregular wear.
Goodyear Endurance WHA: This tire offers more miles to removal than any previous Goodyear waste haul tire thanks to a new, scrub-resistant compound and a deep, 24/32-inch tread depth. Designed to help waste haul fleets lower their operating costs, it is also available with Goodyear's exclusive, self-sealing DuraSeal Technology.
Hankook AH37: Structurally designed for longer tread life, the AH37 provides outstanding fuel efficiency and durability. The combination of centre zig zag grooves and 3D kerf provides better traction, increased mileage and reduced irregular wear.
Ironman I-933: Designed and compounded to deliver outstanding winter performance, this tire boasts a tread design with numerous biting edges for excellent traction on slippery road surfaces, as well as extra siping for improved grip on both dry and wet roads.
Kumho KLT02e: Designed primarily as an over-the-road trailer tire, the KLT02e delivers low rolling resistance, minimized irregular wear and increased element stability highlighting its shallow, non-skid, five-rib tread pattern. All four sizes feature decoupling grooves to reduce shoulder wear in highway service. SmartWay verified.
Michelin X Multi D: This next-generation regional drive tire offers excellent mileage, scrub resistance with no compromises on traction. With full-depth Matrix siping, the sipe goes all the way to a tear drop groove, which means there is no loss of the biting grip as the tire wears.
Toyo M920A: Made specifically for the Canadian market, this tire provides year round traction and high mileage. Built on the proprietary E-Balance casing to provide a wider footprint and even contact pressure, it was designed for service trucks, regional and long haul fleets, and includes sizing for motor coach applications.
Triangle TDR97: Suitable for both regional and line-haul applications, this tire is designed to deliver great traction on both dry and slippery roads, without compromise to tread life. Deep 26/32" tread design coupled with extensive siping and wide open shoulders optimize all-weather traction, while providing excellent tread wear.
Westlake NZ782: Strong biting edges guarantee excellent traction on dry and slippery road surface, especially in winter, while the compound offers good mileage without scarifying wet traction. Wide open shoulder delivers additional traction without compromising tread life.
Yokohama SY767: The exceptional traction capabilities of the SY767 overcome wet, muddy and snowy highway conditions. Its optimum tread compound contributes to long treadlife and extended casing. With the SY767, you not only get great all-weather grip, you get great mileage too traction and durability.

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