Hankook Spokesperson Pursues NASCAR Dream


Photo Credit: Stéphane Quesnel

Isabelle Tremblay, a rising star driver for the Canadian Tire team, is working hard to participate in the Canadian NASCAR series.

It’s not easy to find deep-pocketed sponsors ready to shell out the required $350,000 needed to participate in all 12 Canadian race events, but Isabelle Tremblay is not discouraged.

“I’m ready and so is my car,” she says.”Meanwhile, I’m still looking for more sponsors and I make myself available at a number of events to raise funds for various worthy causes. It’s a way to keep busy between training sessions and give myself some exposure. The rewards should come soon enough.”

Currently, Isabelle is looking to raise the $350,000 she needs to participate in the 12 NASCAR events across Canada, in the driving seat of her 550 hp race car. But she also has a Plan B, whereby she’ll take part in just three races in Quebec.

Isabelle is a spokesperson for a number of products and events, including a recent endorsement of Hankook. The tire company was looking for a car and tire expert to who would stand behind the first four-season tires to receive winter use ratification in Quebec.

Let’s hope that a smart sponsor sees her outstanding potential, not only on the track, but also as spokesperson and inspirational speaker!

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