SEMA Show | Canadian-Made Wheel Weights Are an Innovation

WheelsEnvironmental concerns are bringing an end to lead wheel weights, but steel ones can have their disadvantages. Plombco, based in Valleyfield, PQ, has the answer with its new Plasteel plastic-coated steel weights. The company says that its process of encasing a steel weight in plastic is a world-first design.

“Our logo is ‘Now that’s innovation,’ and we think it is,” says Mark Aiken, representative for Plombco. “The steel weight is coated in a special process and then encased in plastic. Steel weights can vibrate due to metal on metal, but the plastic dampens the vibration on installation. It goes on as easily as a lead weight as well.”

The weights are made in Canada, and Plombco’s two plants turn out almost 1.5 million different weights each day. The Plasteel weights won’t cause corrosion. “They’re a standard grey colour, so they look good on alloy wheels,” Aiken says. “They’re also perfect on clad wheels, since they’re plastic on plastic, and they won’t scratch like a metal wheel weight will.”

Plombco has been in business since 1985, and is currently the primary supplier to Honda’s North American manufacturing plants with its zinc die-cast weights.

Plasteel weights are used in all of Walmart’s service centres in the United States, and the price is only about 5 per cent higher than a plain steel weight. The plastic on the weight fills the gap between the core and the wheel flange, providing a precise fit that makes installation quick and easy.

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