Passenger Tire Showcase

Passenger Tire Showcase
Designed to defy the weather and control the curves, this tire provides more biting edges for significantly increased wet and light snow traction. (Photo: Michelin)

Tire manufacturers put the spotlight on their most important products.

TireNews asked all the major tire manufacturers which of their passenger tires they’d like to tell our readers about this year, and they responded by sending us the information you’ll find in this year’s Passenger Tire Showcase.

This year, we’re seeing a growing trend towards tires that are suitable for sedans, as well as the ever-more-popular crossovers (CUVs), as well as some minivan, SUV and small truck applications. It’s an interesting mix, but then again, these are the very same vehicles you’re seeing in your bays.

Look for a full report in the next issue of TireNews. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek.

This flagship offering in the Potenza line offers a new asymmetrical tread design and expanded coverage over its predecessor. (Photo: Bridgestone)
The Grabber APT features the 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification for confident driving in all weather conditions. (Photo: General Tire)
This all-season tire boasts a variety of stability-enhancing features, including evolving Traction Grooves to provide like-new traction as the tire wears. (Photo: Goodyear)
This premium touring all-season tire boasts enhanced block stiffness, low rolling resistance and delivers high mileage. (Photo: Hankook)
The all-season Roadtour 455 offers a high-quality, affordable solution for a wide range of vehicles, while optimizing traction and handling. (Photo: Hercules)
While the Jinyu brand may not be well known here in Canada, they are popular in other parts of the world. (Photo: Jinyu)
The Ecsta PA31 distinguishes itself with an unparalleled combination of comfort, low-noise, high performance and long mileage. (Photo: Kumho)
The ultra high performance all-season S FIT AS is designed for drivers looking for top-of-the-line performance and optimal fuel economy. (Photo: Laufenn)
Making safety the number one priority, the Michelin Premier A/S tire is designed to provide exceptional all-season grip - even when half-worn. (Photo: Michelin)
This premium high performance tire boasts excellent dry performance, excellent comfort and low noise, while improving fuel efficiency. (Photo: Nexen)
This green tire has an optimized footprint that provides balanced wear and a compound that delivers improved mileage. (Photo: Pirelli)
The Proxes ST III is a premium performance all season tire, offering the perfect balance of dynamic looks and sport oriented performance. (Photo: Toyo)
This premium all-season touring tire offers consistent highway performance. (Photo: Westlake)
This latest addition to the ADVAN product line-up, this tire is designed to increase control and optimize handling. (Photo: Yokohama)

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