Atlas Tire: Words to Live By

The Atlas Tire University Team (Photos: Atlas Tire)

Supplying tires and information to an ever-changing Canadian marketplace…

Mission statements are a funny thing. Most companies have one, but very few do anything with it. Most like to put their mission statement on a plaque or a piece of paper, and hang it in their lobby area for all visitors to read and admire.

Atlas Tire Wholesale, on the other hand, lives by their mission statement:

“Our mission is to provide our clients with products and information in a timely and efficient manner to help them grow their business and increase their profits.”

Providing products – anyone can do that. In fact, as a tire retailer, you know you can buy your stock from any number of willing suppliers. Every one of them would be more than happy to take your money.

But where can you get information? Not about which sizes or SKUs are available to buy, but about which brands, types, sizes and SKUs you should be stocking? Which tires your customers are likely to need or want – this season, and the next?

That’s where Atlas Tire Wholesale stands apart from the pack. They’re happy to sell you tires, if that’s all you really want. But they would rather take that business relationship a step further, moving away from simply being a tire distributor, and closer to becoming a valuable business partner.

Client Services

Client Services

Effective corporate structure

Atlas Tire has the team and resources in place to offer unparalleled service and unmatched expertise, which translates into value for you, the tire retailer. With 11 sales people on the road, led by Atlas Tire’s Director of Sales, Jim Shkut, they have the boots on the ground necessary to help you make a success of each and every selling season.

Their entire sales team is divided into two specific groups, each of which addresses the needs of two very different markets – tire dealers, and car dealers. This allows the Sales & Account Managers (SAMs) in both the Tire Dealer Channel and the Car Dealer Channel to focus on the challenges and opportunities each individual market presents, providing dealers with the tools necessary to service each channel’s unique demands.

“A key function of our SAMs,” explains Director of Sales, Jim Shkut, “is to get to understand the business of our clients. If we understand a client’s business, as well as the type of consumer they are trying to reach, then we can work better with the client to give them more tools in their ‘sales toolbox,’ so to speak, to effectively reach more consumers, grow their business and increase their profits. This is how we deliver value.”

SAMs who specialize and focus on the Car Dealer Channel need to have a keen understanding of OE tires and the various national account tire programs that are operated by car manufacturers. The Car Dealer Channel SAMs also have to be familiar with car dealers and how their business model works.

On the other hand, SAMs who focus on the Tire Dealer Channel need to understand a wide range of tire brands, tire manufacturer associate dealer programs, as well as the specific needs of tire dealers. Naturally, the two markets have many similarities, but they are nonetheless unique. Understanding those differences, and being able to cater to each individual market, is what makes Atlas Tire a valuable business partner.

Training Centre at Atlas Tire’s head office

Training Centre at Atlas Tire’s head office

Team training

Atlas invests heavily in their sales team, making sure that each team member is on top of current trends and changes in the marketplace. “We have a well equipped training centre in our head office and we are increasing our training schedule through 2014,” Shkut explains. “With the rapid evolution of the tire industry, we must keep our sales team informed and educated to best serve our clients.”

With an overall team compliment of 100, Atlas Tire has experienced, motivated, and bilingual people in all departments, thus enabling the national tire distributor to provide the highest level of service possible to their clients, from coast to coast, and in both official languages.

Proudly Canadian

Another key to Atlas Tire’s success is the fact that the company is Canadian. This means they focus all their time, energy and efforts on providing top-notch service to Canadian retailers. In turn, retailers can rest assured that their best interests will always be a top priority for this Canadian distributor, and that priorities will never be diluted by a foreign agenda or by foreign market demands.

Atlas3“We have been serving the Canadian market as a wholesale distributor (WD) for 24 years,” Atlas Tire President, Peter Gregory explains. “Atlas Tire started as 100% wholesale. Unlike many other players in the industry, we did not start as a retailer and then get into the wholesale business. We started in wholesale and we remain in wholesale – we are 100% committed to supporting tire resellers who retail to consumers. We do not compete with our clients.” As the global tire market continues to change, and as the Canadian marketplace undergoes transformation from season to season, one thing is for sure. Atlas Tire Wholesale will be here to help Canadian tire resellers stay on top of the challenges.

Finding a tire supplier is easy. But finding a supplier with valuable insight and with the data you need to succeed with every changing season, can be a challenge. Atlas Tire Wholesale offers both the product and the intelligence, and this Canadian company is moving into the future with dedicated staff to cater to the individual demands of every segment of the market.

“Atlas Tire, and its team, are fully committed to making our mission statement the reality of our business,” Gregory says, “today and every day.”


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