TireNews March 2017

TireNews March 2017
TireNews March 2017

The March issue of TireNews is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Editor in chief of TireNews, Jack Kazmierski.

And They’re Off!

2017 is off to an exciting start, and we have much to look forward in the coming months.

I’m reminded, almost daily, about how interesting the tire industry is. Already this year, our editorial team has visited Italy to help celebrate Pirelli’s 110th anniversary in motorsport, and we’ve tested new winter tires from BFGoodrich in the frigid temperatures right here at home in Canada. You’ll read about both adventures in this issue of TireNews.

But wait, there’s more! You’ve likely already heard about the price hikes announced across the board by most, if not all, tire manufacturers. If you’re wondering what’s behind the cost increases, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we have the answer for you in this issue of TireNews (pg 22). So when your customers wonder why tires are more expensive this year, you’ll have an intelligent and thorough explanation at the ready!

We’re also going to tackle the sensitive issue of the demise of the Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) program. When the end of the OTS was first announced, the future of tire recycling in Ontario was fuzzy at best. Recently, however, the Ontario government has made some major announcements, and although they get us closer to a clearer picture, much is still up in the air. To find out why, please take a closer look at our Here & Now page.

Passenger Tires

The theme of this issue of TireNews is “Passenger Tires.” To help you get the most out of this selling season, we’ve covered all the basics and beyond. We’ve got an insightful article about managing millennials (pg 23). I assume some of your tire techs and employees fall into that age group. If they do, you might find yourself raising an eyebrow or two as you read about how best to keep them motivated.

You’ll also find a great article about the evolution of the passenger tire (pg 30), as well as how to stay on top of the changes. Finally, we’ve got a report on Chinese tires. They’ve come a long way in the past few years. Is it time for you to offer them to your customers (if you don’t already)? Who is buying them? And why? You’ll find the answers to those questions, and much more, in this issue of TireNews.

But like I said at the outset, all of us work in a very interesting industry, and it’s about to get even more exciting. Soon, we’ll be telling you about tires that communicate with their owners via a phone app. And as always, we’ll be reporting on the various adventures and tire tests, some of which will no doubt take us to the far corners of the globe. Until then, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed preparing it for you.

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