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Winter? What Winter?

The bad news about last winter, could mean good news for next winter.

Selling winter tires is a lot like selling insurance. Many consumers still don’t see the need for them, and those who do aren’t crazy about having to buy them. So how do you sell winter tires to this tough crowd? That’s a question one of our best journalists, Jil McIntosh, tackles in our Special File.

Winter tires is the theme of this issue. With summer around the corner it might seem like an odd time to discuss the matter, but now is the time everyone does their ordering and planning, so we hope this issue helps you prepare for the season that is sure to come upon us faster than we might expect. Time certainly seems to fly nowadays.

If you’re upset about the winter that wasn’t, we hope the insight offered by Peter Gregory in his aptly named “Industry Insight” column will help you see the silver lining. Yes, this past season was a bust for many dealers, but there are many reasons why you can look forward to the winter of 2012. Peter’s column is sure to help you put things in perspective.

We’re very excited to welcome a new columnist to the pages of TireNews. Matthew White is a veteran of the tire industry, with three decades of experience behind his belt. Matt is the Director of Tire Service for the Tire Industry Association (TIA), and he has forgotten more about tires than most of us will ever know. Matt will be writing an educational column with tips and advice for the folks who do all the real work – the tire techs.

With so many people and businesses talking about social media and the Internet, we invited an expert to explain Facebook to tire dealers (see p.38). Facebook has made a number of changes to their service recently, and some business owners are having trouble keeping up with it all. Our web guru, Joe Dysart, takes all that complicated social media stuff and translates it into terms the average person can understand.

As always, there’s more to talk about than we could ever fit into a single issue of Tire News. We’re bringing you new tire reviews, news about exciting technologies, highlights from international events, and great advice from a broad range of columnists.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.


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