Bridgestone Introduces Four New Tire Lines

Bridgestone Introduces Four New Tire Lines
Automotive journalists had an opportunity to try out the new tires on both a closed racing circuit and public roads. (Photos: Michel Beaunoyer)

Bridgestone invited automotive journalists to Dallas, Texas, on May 16th for the official launch of its four new tire lines.

With this new tire Turanza QuietTrack, Bridgestone replaces the previous version of the Serenity. It’s engineered for passenger cars and minivans, with a much-improved version, including a new tread design. Available in 37 fitments for 15 to 20-inch wheels, it covers 86% of the vehicles in this category. The new tire line is covered by a 130,000 limited tread wear warranty.

The new Bridgestone product, which incorporates the latest technology, offers superior control in wet conditions and long-lasting performance. This latest generation also offers a 20% increase in wet traction. The four main advanced technological enhancements help reduce ride noise and vibrations, increase the new tire’s water evacuation capability, while maintaining these performance characteristics throughout its 130,000 km lifespan.

The WeatherGrip all-weather tire is one of two new members of the Firestone family of tires.  Although the new winter-certified tire carries the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake, it isn’t a substitute for the Blizzak line in climates as rugged as our own. Nonetheless, it is well suited for urban winter use or for snowbirds wintering down south who may encounter snow during their seasonal migrations.

The new touring tire is offered in 33 variations for 15 to 19-inch wheels, with additional sizes to be gradually introduced over time. It carries a new 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee.

The design of the new all-weather tire includes advanced Hydro-Grip technology featuring deep grooving and open shoulder slots to facilitate water evacuation and reduce hydroplaning.


In replacement of the Destination A/T series, Firestone used the event to launch two new product lines for the benefit of consumers with heavier vehicles looking to travel off the beaten path: the Destination A/T2, developed specifically for SUVs, and the Destination X/T, a commercial tire for full-size pickups.

The advanced technology used for the tread compound of the new Destination A/T2 efficiently ejects stones and mud. The aggressive tread pattern optimizes traction on gravel and dirt road surfaces. The winter certified tire is offered in 29 fitments for 15 to 22-inch wheels. As one Bridgestone official pointed out, this tire is ideal for drivers looking for off-road performance with the versatility to make enjoyable grocery runs using the same vehicle.

The winter certified Destination X/T, the last new tire introduction of the event, is available in 25 sizes for full-size and commercial truck applications equipped with 16 to 20-inch wheels, including more robust LT applications. Additional sizes of the new winter-certified tire line will be introduced over time. “This new tire is perfectly suited for our market,” explained Quebec-based Bridgestone Replacement Tire Senior Account Director, Pierre Robidoux. “This is the ideal tire for commercial applications, as the vehicle can be used year-round with these same tires. This new product is a great addition to our catalogue.”

Some of the new technology used in the Destination A/T2 to increase strength and durability is also present in the X/T.

Bridgestone Brand and Product Marketing Director, Justin Reinke, explained the positioning of these new tires within the company’s product lineup.
Bridgestone Director of Consumer Tire Product Strategy, Robert Saul, provided an overview of the latest developments in the global tire market.
The QuietTrack, Bridgestone’s new addition to the popular Turanza line, is the latest evolution of the Turanza Serenity Plus.
Before heading to the track, Bridgestone officials briefed journalists as to the improvements over the previous versions to help them focus on specific characteristics.
The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack was developed for both the luxury and sport sedan markets.
Firestone brand products, including the new Destination line of tires, are ideally suited for people who like to work hard and play hard.
Before heading out, journalists were also briefed as to the new X/T and A/T2 designations used to differentiate the new Destination tire lines.
During the closed circuit portion of the testing, the Firestone Destination A/T2 tires, which were mounted on a selection of popular SUVs, delivered a remarkably smooth, quiet ride.
The winter-certified all-season passenger vehicle WeatherGrip, from Firestone, is covered by a 105,000 km limited tread wear warranty.
Although the State of Texas isn’t the ideal place to find snow in May, the new WeatherGrip tire had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate its prowess on a variety of wet road surfaces.
Journalists participating in off-road testing of the new Destination tire line were greeted by a Jeep decked out in full Firestone garb.
The Destination X/T, engineered for full-size SUVs and pickups, is a capable on-road tire with the versatility to handle more challenging road surfaces in all conditions.
The Firestone Destination A/T2 was put through its paces on an extremely challenging test circuit.

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