Yokohama Tames Winter

Yokohama Tames Winter
Yokohama invited Canadian retailers and distributors, along with a few lucky Yokohama retail customers, to the Mecaglisse winter driving facility located in Quebec’s picturesque Laurentian Mountains. (Photos and video: Caroline Morneau)

Yokohama Tire Canada invited retailers, distributors, and a few lucky  customers, to its Winter Ride & Drive, which took place from February 26th to 28th at the Circuit Mecaglisse winter driving facility located in the Laurentian Mountains town of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec.

A select group comprising of Yokohama retailers and distributors, along with a few lucky consumers from across Canada, participated in a winter ride & drive to experience the performance of Yokohama’s latest tire offerings in an icy and snowy setting.

The thirty-odd participants were divided into three groups over the course of the three-day event so they could fully benefit from the winter driving tips and techniques delivered by professional racers. The driving portion of the event consisted of four test circuits designed to highlight the attributes and adherence of Yokohama’s winter tires on icy and snowy test circuit surfaces while cornering, slaloming, climbing and braking. Guests were housed and dined at the beautiful Estérel Resort.

“We obviously wanted to invite retailers and distributors, but for the first time we thought that we could maybe include consumers who’ve purchased Yokohama tires as well. We wanted them to benefit from this amazing experience and have fun,” explains Yokohama Canada President, Éric Dedoyard.

The eclectic fleet of test vehicles included Toyota Corollas, Jeep Cherokees, Chrysler 300’s, a BMW X1 and a Mercedes-Benz C 300. A number of vehicles were mounted with BluEarth Winter V905 tires, which proved extremely capable in deep snow, while others were equipped with all-season AVID Ascend GT tires engineered for SUVs and sedans.

Several new products, slated for fall launch, were also tested during the event. Look out for future product info and details.

Over thirty participants tested Yokohama tires during our February 27th visit. Testing also took place on February 26 and 28 with two additional groups.
The Mecaglisse circuit, located in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Quebec, offers a selection of challenging snowy and icy circuits perfectly suited for both winter tire and vehicle testing.
Billy Pellerin and Maxime Gariepy, from Pneus Belisle, were among the guests of the Yokohama Winter Ride & Drive event.
The BluEarth Winter V905 was engineered specifically for use in snowy conditions. Snow is instantly evacuated from the tread surface for maximum grip.
Winter driving expert, Pierre Marceau, explaining the characteristics of the BluEarth Winter V905 that allow it to perform so efficiently in snowy conditions.
Participants also had the opportunity to test a BMW X1 mounted with Yokohama AVID Ascend GT all-season tires.
Although the AVID Ascend GT is an all-season tire, it is also a very capable tire in winter conditions including hairpin turns and braking.
The all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz C 300 was equipped with AVID Ascend GT SUV and sedan tires.
Participants also had the opportunity to test Yokohama all-season tire traction on both a BMW SUV and Mercedes-Benz sedan.
Patrice Massey from NDT, Éric Peloquin from Pneu Select and François Gravel from NDT appeared to be extremely impressed by the performance of the tires in wintery conditions.
Participants seeking to warm up headed directly for the hot chocolate and coffee inside the inflatable igloo.
The Yokohama team seemed very pleased by the outcome of the event. This team picture was taken during the event dinner at the Estérel Resort.

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