Nokian Tyre: Laurentian Mountains Rally

Nokian Tyre: Laurentian Mountains Rally
Nokian Tyres chose the sinuous, picturesque byways and beautiful vistas of the Laurentian Mountains for this first-ever road test outing on Quebec roads. (Photos: Thomas Ethier)

September marked the first-ever road testing organized on Quebec soil by tire manufacturer Nokian Tyres, on beautiful, winding, Laurentian Mountains roads.

As a kick-off to Fall, the Finnish tire manufacturer selected a course which skirted major highways, thus providing an ideal setting for the province’s media types to experience first-hand the dependability and performance of the various off-road and ultra-high performance tires.

The company motto “It’s a beautiful journey” inspired the outing and technical presentations that accompanied the tests, which aligned with Nokian’s main mission: Offering peace of mind, in all conditions.

“Nokian has a solid reputation as a safe tire,” summarizes Hans Dyhrman, Nokian Tyres Director of Marketing, North America. “Whether winter or all-season tires, Nokian products are designed for consumers looking for dependable, safe tires, no matter what the destination or conditions.”

Two-Fold Sales Increase

 The Finnish company also distinguishes itself as a result of its business culture, which is centred on sustainable development. Biomass powered and zero-waste production facilities, industry-leading non-toxic materials, etc. Last September saw the launch of a 100% solar-powered warehouse facility in Colchester, Vermont.

Nokian Tyres is focused on spreading this culture across North America over the coming years, including the pending launch of its Dayton, Tennessee manufacturing facility. The company’s third production site, with an annual production capacity of 4 million tires, will allow it to reach its ambitious objective of doubling North American sales by 2023.

Strong, Safe

Nokian’s main focus, independent distributors (no national accounts) benefit from a product perfectly suited for the Canadian climate, while also appealing to the growing number of eco-conscious consumers.

Whether we focus on Nokian’s unrivalled winter-tire expertise, or their ultra-high performance tire offerings, the company has managed to eloquently illustrate the many features highlighting the performance of all of their tire lines, in every condition.

The R3 and R3 SUV lines, launched in 2018, showcase the series of important technological advancements developed by the tire manufacturer in the fields of safety and sustainable development.

Aramid technology is especially valued by customers,” points-out Nokian National Sales Director, Pierre Zupancic. “Aramid is the material used for bullet-proof vests, which is what we use for sidewall construction of all of our SUV tire lines, among others. This puncture-resistant material makes for a much tougher tire, helping resist damage that leads to most tire failures.”

Here are some highlights of the first-ever Nokian Tyres testing on scenic Quebec roads:

The "It’s a beautiful journey" Nokian Tyres theme accurately described this autumn outing on scenic Laurentian Mountains byways.
Territory Manager, Kevin Brisebois, National Sales Director, Pierre Zupancic, Marketing Director, Hans Dyhrman, and product Manager, Steve Bourassa
Automotive journalists were invited to participate in a car rally, which started in the Montreal suburb of Saint-Laurent, and wound its way up to l’Estérel, passing through several picturesque villages, such as Saint-Hippolyte.
One of the vehicles was equipped with tires R3 VUS.
An Audi A4 riding on zLine A/S ultra-high performance tires.
Nokian eNYRE A/S
All-season, all-terrain winter-certified ROTIVA AT.
The sidewalls of all SUV and pickup truck tire lines are manufactured using puncture resistant aramid, also used in bulletproof vest technology, for increased protection from pothole and curb damage.
Aramid technology illustration (Photo: Nokian)
A rainy day contributed to the event, allowing participants to test Nokian tires on wet surfaces.
Participants had an opportunity to review Nokian Tyre new-product information available for consumers (Photo: Nokian)

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