RPRA Outlines its Mandate at OTDA

RPRA outlines its mandate at OTDA
Patrick Moran, Registrar of the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority, explained the role of the RPRA to a packed room of delegates attending the OTDA environmental forum on Saturday morning. (Photos: Steve Pawlett)

“The RPRA is responsible for creating and maintaining an electronic registry, overseeing and enforcing compliance by producers and service providers (collectors, haulers, retreaders, and processors),” explained Patrick Moran, Registrar of the Resource Productivity & Recovery Authority.

The Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) is the regulatory body created by the Ontario government to enforce the new IPR requirements.

In his presentation to a packed room Saturday morning at the OTDA environmental forum, Moran explained the role of the RPRA and pointed out that the RPRA is not replacing the Ontario Tire Stewardship. “We will not contract with producers and service providers. We will not collect money from producers to pay service providers, and we will not pay incentives.”

The OTDA trade show and conference was held at the Delta by Marriot on Dixon Road, Toronto September 13 to 15th.

The new tire regulation released in April provides a new definition of “tire,” states collection targets for used tires, who needs to register with RPRA and requirements for registration. The RPRA developed, consulted, and approved a fee for setting policy and producer registration fees.

The Individual Producer Responsibility (IPR) means that producers are responsible for their products and packaging after consumers have finished with them.

“The Ontario Government designates materials for transition under the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act, 2016,” explained Moran. Tires are the first material designated by the Ontario Government for the transition to IPR.

“Producers and service providers must register with RPRA and report data on progress towards meeting targets. RPRA will enforce compliance with requirements to register, report and meet collection and recycling targets,” explained Moran.

Following Moran’s presentation, representatives from three resource responsibility companies – YES Environmental Service Solutions, Ryse Solutions, and eTracks presented their individual approaches to tire recovery. This was followed by a lengthy question and answer period. The consensus at the end of the meeting was that the RPRA is still a work in progress.

Dave Papodopoulos and Jimmy Vrantsis, Goodyear
June Walker and John Mammas, Atlas Tire
Doug Martin, Mike Hales, and Sean Kelley, Toyo Tire
Patrick Lavalee, Stephane Girard, Jeff Poulin, RSSW
Jean Philippe Perrault, C0-President, Odessa Canada
David “Jay” Wearden, Bridgestone
Dennis Teed, Falken Tire
Scott Mitchell, Christian Radler, and Paul Reid
Eric Gilbert, OTDA Canada, and Maury Shnier, eTracks.ca
Eric Gilbert OTDA Canada
The OTDA trade show brought together vendors and delegates for great conversation.

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