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tiresEco-friendly tires – Do they sell?

Today, most people profess to be conscious of the environment, and they say they want to be eco-friendly. However, in many cases, their commitment to the environment is lim­ited by economics.

If a business tries to sell an eco-friend­ly product for 20% more than the cost of a regular product, many people sud­denly forget their commitment to the environment. To be blunt, many do not want to pay a high premium for eco-friendly products.

Based on the above, you might conclude that selling green tires is difficult. How­ever, it may be easier than you think, and here are a few reasons why.

Wide availability

Today, most tire manufacturers offer green tires. Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli and Yokohama, to name a few, all offer green tires in a myriad of sizes. This gives you a wide range of eco options to offer your consumers.

Advertising and consumer awareness

Manufacturers are spending a lot of money advertising their eco tires and the benefits they bring to consumers. One such benefit is fuel savings, and with the high cost of fuel, this is appealing to consumers. This appeal will help you to make sales.

O.E. fitments

Car manufacturers are driven to meet Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) requirements set by the U.S. Government. This means that they must find ways to make their products more fuel efficient. One way this is being accomplished is by working with tire manufacturers to design oe tires with low rolling resistance (LRR) to improve fuel economy.

Today, many mainstream vehicles are fitted with LRR tires. LRR tires are eco tires. As oe drives replacement sales (a high percentage of consumers buy the same oe tire as a replacement), you have opportunities to sell eco tires.


In many cases, tire manufacturers have priced their eco tires very competitively. Check your price catalogues and you will see that many eco tires are priced only nominally higher than standard tires of­fered by the same tire manufacturer. In some cases, the tire manufacturer has made their eco tire their main line re­placement product (eg. Goodyear’s Assur­ance Fuel Max).

Taking into account all the above, you have a great opportunity to show con­sumers that you can offer a wide range of eco products at reasonable prices. In addition, these eco tires may also bring the consumer fuel savings over the life of the tires – real dollars saved for the consumer. This will allow the consumer to fulfill their commitment to the environment and actually save money doing it.

We should all be proud of what the tire industry has accomplished on the green front. Few other industries can claim that they have so widely embraced the eco concept and made available to con­sumers such a comprehensive range of eco products – tires that produce real and identifiable savings for both the environ­ment and the consumer.

Be bold and creative. Research the eco-friendly tires that are available from your tire distributor. Stock some of these tires and display them in your showroom, along with the supporting POP kits, etc. Posi­tion your store as an eco-friendly retailer and increase your sales!







Peter Gregory – President of Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.

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