The Team

Our mission is accomplished through a professional team using effective solutions and strategies, while leveraging our knowledge and expertise of the Canadian automotive industry.

Shirley Brown

Associate Publisher & Editor-in-Chief CarCare Business

Jack Kazmierski

Senior Editor-in-Chief Canadian AutoJournalCarCare Business, Collision Managementfleetdigest et TireNews

Huw Evans

Editor-in-Chief CarCare Business et Collision Management

Saba Khan

Journalist Canadian AutoJournalfleetdigest et TireNews

Sukanya Ray Ghosh

Journalist CarCare BusinessCollision Management et TireNews

Michel Beaunoyer

Senior Editor-in-Chief AutoJournal, CamAuto, Le Carrossier, Le Garagiste et Pneumag

Josée Hamelin

Editor-in-Chief AutoJournal et CamAuto

Guy O’Bomsawin

Associate Publisher Le Garagiste

Thomas Ethier

Journalist Le CarrossierLe Garagiste et Pneumag

Caroline Morneau

Journalist AutoJournal et CamAuto