EVs Affect Drivers’ Attitudes

Alternative fuel vehicle drivers are calmer than the rest of us. (Photo: Hyundai)

New study shows the difference in attitudes between EV and ICE drivers.

Hyundai has partnered with the University of Warwick to create The Drive Different Test (DDT) in order to explore what driving might look like in a zero emission world from 2040 and beyond.

The DDT compares driving styles in alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFV) with gas and diesel engines (ICE), and the research shows that the type of vehicle you drive affects your driving style.

When it comes to AFV drivers, the research showed that these drivers are more pleasant than their ICE counterparts:

-92 per cent say they never beep at another driver

-Over two-fifths (42%) slow down and let buses move in front of them

-Over one third (37%) always ensure they thank other drivers on the road

AFV owners are more likely to regard themselves as calm (21%) behind the wheel than their ICE rivals (19%). This is possibly reflected by the music they listen to as they drive, with AFV drivers almost three times as likely to listen to classical or jazz music than those in an internal combustion engine car.

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