Mevotech Caters to Police Interceptor Market

The new bushing design will be available in early 2020. (Photo: Mevotech)

New solution will help police fleets address common bushing failure issue.

Mevotech has announced a solution for premature wear of bushings for a popular police fleet vehicle. The bushing is a part of the Mevotech Supreme brand.

The development was initiated by a call to Mevotech’s Technical Services hotline for Installers, wherein the shop owner noted that the rear upper control arm bushing for the Police Interceptor Sedan and SUV was wearing out as early as 35,000 km.

The result is a new bushing design that will be available to order from Mevotech Supreme in early 2020.

“This innovation is a fantastic example of Mevotech collaboration,” said Victor Moreira, Manager of Technical Services, Mevotech. “We really value the user experience and 360-degree feedback that comes from our field representatives, technical services hotline, product development teams, our customers, and the professional technicians who work with our parts every day. This process not only helps our engineers develop solutions for stronger more durable parts, but it reinforces our connection to the Technician’s experience.”

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