Nissan Gives Away a TITAN

Representatives from Nissan and Habitat for Humanity outside Habitat Vancouver Island North. (Photo: Nissan)

Habitat for Humanity replaces 22-year-old work vehicle.

The Nissan Canada Foundation recently awarded a $60,000 grant to Habitat Vancouver Island North used to acquire a brand-new Nissan TITAN full-size pickup truck. 

The Nissan TITAN will be replacing a 22-year-old vehicle used by Habitat Vancouver Island North that had over 850,000 kms.

“We were ecstatic when we received the news that Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North had been selected to receive the vehicle grant as we’ve been applying for the program since 2016,” said Tom Beshr, Habitat VIN’s director of development. “Countless volunteers, staff, and resources are required to build affordable homes for families on Northern Vancouver Island, and the dependability and capability of this new TITAN will certainly help create efficiencies with our home build projects.”

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