Air Liquide Invests in Hydrogen Infrastructure

Air Liquide
Fuel Cell technology is a step closer to becoming a replacement for gasoline. (Photo: Hyundai)

New investment aims to supply enough hydrogen to fuel 35,000 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

Air Liquide has announced plans to build the world’s first liquid hydrogen production unit dedicated to the hydrogen energy markets, and has signed a long-term agreement with FirstElement Fuel (FEF) to supply hydrogen to FEF’s retail liquid hydrogen fueling stations in California. 

These new commitments will serve the growing needs of the hydrogen mobility market in California and help enable the deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Air Liquide also announced plans to build a liquid hydrogen plant in the western United States with the ability to produce nearly 30 tons of hydrogen per day—enough to fuel 35,000 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles.

“This signals a transitional moment for the hydrogen automobile market,” said Joel Ewanick, Founder & CEO of California-based retail hydrogen station company, FirstElement Fuel Inc. “Air Liquide is bringing significant private investment to build a key piece for growing California’s hydrogen network. It’s yet another indication of the momentum for hydrogen as a replacement for gasoline.”

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