Keolis and IVADO Join Forces

Keolis and IVADO Join Forces
Constance Gallay, Head of Innovation, Groupe Keolis, Caroline Pernelle, Director Of Partnerships, IVADO, Gilles Savard, Director, IVADO, Patrick Gilloux, President and CEO, Keolis Canada, Robert Gagné, Research Head, HEC Montréal, Arnaud Julien, Innovation and Digital Director, Groupe Keolis, Laurent Kocher, Executive Vice President for Marketing, Innovation and Services Groupe Keolis, Marie-Hélène Cloutier, Vice-President of Passenger Experience, Marketing and Commercialization, Keolis Canada, Maurice Vaillancourt, Director of Marketing, Business Intelligence and Customer Relations, Keolis Canada (Photo: IVADO)

Keolis, pioneer in the development of public transit, and the Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO) announced the creation of a strategic partnership during the World Intelligent Transport Systems Congress (STI) which took place from October 29th to November 2nd in Montreal. 

This five-year partnership was created to support the development of innovative urban mobility solutions using Big Data. By doing so, Keolis will gain deeper insight as to commuter travel habits, which in turn will help increase the precision of future transportation network forecasting and development.

As Big Data helps implement analytic techniques of mass data that were inexistent up until now, Big Data provides an extreme level of precision. With the digital revolution that is currently underway, the mobility sector is experiencing a complete transformation. Keolis Executive Vice President for Marketing, Innovation and Services, Laurent Kocher, addressed this subject: “Artificial Intelligence is spearheading the transformation of the mobility sector. By investing in this new partnership, Keolis is once again demonstrating its commitment to being a leader in digital mobility, therefore increasing our understanding and knowledge base to better serve the cities of the future.”

Keolis Canada operates a 400-vehicle fleet, including 130 intercity transport buses. IVADO is a worldwide collective of over 1000 scientists and 40 academic programs.

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