fleetdigest December 2018

fleetdigest December 2018
fleetdigest December 2018

The December 2018 issue of fleetdigest is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of fleetdigest, Jack Kazmierski.

Chicken vs. Egg

With all the buzz about electrification, when will your fleet have to take a serious look at investing in the future?

Technically, the theme of this issue of fleetdigest is “Light & Medium-Duty Trucks.” But as you flip through the pages you’ll no doubt notice that we have inadvertently developed another theme—electrification. The truth of the matter is that the articles you’ll find in this issue reflect what has been in the news lately, and more and more the news is about electrification.

We’re seeing a growing number of manufacturers focusing on electrification, as well as a growing number of companies committing to supplying the infrastructure to keep electric vehicles on the road. So while we used to think of electrification as a chicken and egg scenario, it would seem that both the chicken and the egg are coming to market at the same time.

Time to invest?

While this trend may be exciting for individual consumers enamoured with the idea of driving a pure battery electric vehicle, or a plug-in hybrid, or even a fuel cell vehicle (which technically runs on electricity produced by the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen), what does this trend mean for your fleet?

On the one hand, we could look at electrification as a way for fleets to save money at the pump. That said, the math for this equation is not as easy as we might like, since you have to factor in more than just the cost of fuel when looking at the total cost of ownership.

On the other hand, fleets could be looking at electrification from more of a public relations perspective. What does it say about your organization when your fleet is electrified vs. when it’s not? That’s a question fleet managers need to consider now, as well as in the future, when the chicken and the egg scenario is no longer an issue.

Fast forward to electrification

There comes a tipping point in every industry where what was once a good idea but not practical, suddenly hits fast forward with everyone on board. Could this be the moment when electrification gets a boost from both manufacturers and energy suppliers? Are we about to see a surge of demand for electrified vehicles meet with a mushrooming of fast-charging stations around the country or even the continent?

I wouldn’t dare try to predict the future, but it certainly seems like everyone is getting on the same page, which means that perhaps sooner rather than later, fleet managers are going to have to take a closer look at whether electrification makes sense for their organizations.

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