fleetdigest June 2018

fleetdigest June 2018
fleetdigest June 2018

The June 2018 issue of fleetdigest is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of fleetdigest, Jack Kazmierski.

Time Well Spent

Events, like the annual I&E, are a good way to stay on top of change.

I have to agree with Kate Vigneau, whose column you’ll find on page 38 of this issue of fleetdigest, that the last I&E, which took place this year in Anaheim, California was one of the best ever.

Not only was the venue top-notch, the weather superb, the attendance impressive, and the sessions packed with information and insight, but it also left me thinking that NAFA is keenly aware of the changes taking place in our industry, and they’re ready to equip fleet professionals with the tools they need in order to wrap their minds around the changes and to thrive in this new world.

Let’s face it, the pace of change has been dialled up in recent years, and the fleet world is changing at a speed that’s hard for mere mortals to keep up with. That’s why we all need events like the I&E, and others, to keep us up-to-date.

More complex times

Gone are the days when the biggest change was a new vehicle, a new engine, a new gadget or a new device introduced by an OEM. Today, with the advent of complex technologies like autonomous vehicles, powerful mobile devices, telematics and much more, we’re all a little bit lost.

Moreover, it’s one thing to understand these technologies, but it’s quite another to figure out how to best employ them to cut costs, improve safety, or simply better manage a fleet. Frankly, I’m not sure anyone has really figured everything out yet.

It reminds me of our smartphones. How many of us use all the features our smartphones come equipped with? They can do so much, yet many of us simply use them for the basics.

The same can be said about some of the new technologies. They allow fleet managers to monitor a broad spectrum of moving parts, and yet I’m sure many fleet managers take advantage of only a small percentage of what is available.

Learn from the mistakes of others

When it comes to adopting new technologies, it often helps to see how others are doing it. That’s where events like the I&E can truly be beneficial. This is where fleet professionals can network with peers, find out what others are doing, and take advantage of new ideas and best practices.

If you weren’t able to make it to the 2018 I&E, I hope to see you next year in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s time well spent!

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