FCA Hosts Fleet Gala at CIAS

FCA Hosts Fleet Gala at CIAS
Ken Tuckey, Senior Manager, National Fleet and Commercial Vehicles, FCA Canada welcomes guests. (Photos: Jack Kazmierski)

Annual Pre-VIP Night event draws fleet professionals from the GTA and beyond.

FCA’s Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) tradition continued this year with the company inviting dozens of fleet professionals, industry executives, and media to explore the latest vehicles and technologies from FCA at a private event, just prior to the VIP Night Gala in Toronto.

The star of this year’s show was a perennial favourite, the Ram family of trucks, including the all-new Ram Heavy Duty, which is now available with 1,000 lb ft of torque, thanks to a brand new Cummins powerplant.

The one-of-a-kind Jeep Gladiator shared the stage with the Ram family, although it’s likely not going to be as popular with fleets as the rest of the pick-up lineup from FCA.

Bernie Moorcroft, National Commercial Sales Manager introduces members of FCA’s fleet team to guests.
(L-R) Ryan Hartley, Foss National; Basil Marcus, Foss National; Maxime Fournier, Rousseau Communication
(L-R) Ryan Balsdon, Enterprise; Wendy Riolo, Addison Fleet; Dominic Riolo, ARI Financial Services
(L-R) Gino Portaro, Kathryn Foster and Micheal Palazzo, ARI
(L-R) John Chamberlaine, Action Car and Truck; Rizvana Alam, Emkay; Steve Martino, Action Car and Truck
(L-R) Sujata Yerrow, FCA; Marcus Flair, Rogers; Ewelina Flair, Integrated Auto: Bernie Moorcroft, FCA
(L-R) Vera Lawrie, Norm Lyle, Lisa Broderick, and Rizvana Alam, Emkay
Bill Fisher, FCA; Bhavna Sethi, FCA; Andrew Ogilvie, Emkay
The star of the evening, the perennially favourite Ram.
The Jeep Gladiator shared the stage with the Ram.

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