The Jaguar & Land Rover Experience

The Jaguar & Land Rover Experience
The elegantly displayed Jaguar and Land Rover models greeted guests upon their arrival. Product specialists were also at the ready to answer questions from those in attendance. (Photos: Josée Hamelin)

Fleetdigest tested the performances of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover offerings on a closed circuit during the Awakening New Horizons and Art of Performance Tour event at the Carrefour Laval Mall, which took place from September 6th to the 9th.

Four models were highlighted in this event: the Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Sport, as well as the Jaguar F-Type and new all-electric I-Pace.

Obstacle Course

The first series of tests was performed by professional drivers, as the course reproduced off-road conditions rarely encountered on public roads. A series of ramps simulated extremely steep uphill courses during which the wheels were independently solicited. Several technologies were put to good uses including 360° cameras, descent speed control, used to manage and maintain braking power during steep descents, as well as the air suspension system, which allows users to vary ride height between 17 and 28 cm on the Discovery, and 21 to 27 cm on the Range Rover Sport.

Behind the Wheel of the F-Type

Last year’s high-speed Jaguar F-Type experience was conducted in the passenger seat with professional drivers behind the wheel. For 2018, participants were at the control of the luxury two-door coupe, which starts at $69,500. The base configuration consists of a turbocharged 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine which pumps out 296 hp. As for the all-wheel-drive V8 version, it produces 575 hp, and commands a starting price of $140,500.

During this test, drivers used a combination of speed and precision to negotiate a Digital Smart Cone driving circuit which alternately light up to produce a challenging course with a succession of nasty hairpin turns.

Jaguar’s First-Ever EV

The morning session wrapped up with motoring anglophiles behind the wheel of the I-Pace, the first ever all-electric Jaguar offering, which is expected to hit showroom floors in the next few weeks.

The I-Pace starts at $86,500. Attributes include impeccable fit and finish and wider availability, which makes it a solid contender against the likes of the Tesla Model X, among others. The luxury crossover takes only 4.8 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, with an expected autonomy in the 380 km range.

Using a 50 kW charging station, the battery can be recharged in just 85 minutes. A regular electrical outlet raises this time to 10 to 12 hours for a complete recharge. The all-wheel-drive vehicle is powered by a 90 kW battery located underneath the floor pan, providing an ideal 50/50 weight distribution.

Two electric motors power both the front and rear wheels. The suspension height, which adjusts automatically in relation to speed, can be manually set in a fix position. The I-Pace is equipped with a fixed reinforced panoramic glass roof, which provides the interior with generous amounts of natural lighting.

As the I-Pace has a base price in excess of $75,000, it isn’t eligible for the $8,000 Quebec Government green-vehicle incentive. All is not lost, as it does qualify for the $3000 purchase incentive, which just about covers delivery and prep costs.

After a first stop in Halifax in August, the Jaguar and Land Rover tour continues on westwards to Quebec City, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Kelowna and Richmond.

To catch a glimpse into this half-day seduction operation, which had participants grinning from ear-to-ear, take a look at our pictorial.

Omar Mrani and Tiffany Thompson greeted guest upon arrival. They are pictured here alongside the Jaguar F-Type SVR convertible.
The event provided privileged access the first ever all-electric Jaguar, the I-Pace, which is expected to arrive at local dealerships in the next few weeks.
Normand Messier and Claire Giguère were curious to find out more about the I-Pace, which they found roomy, even for rear passengers. They currently own a Mercedes-Benz SUV, and are interested in acquiring an all-electric vehicle.
As both indoor and outdoor parking spaces are continually shrinking, the outer door handles recede into the door panel.
Upon accessing the ramps, participants immediately understood why professional drivers were behind the wheel.
The Discovery and Range Rover Sport tackled these challenges without a hitch.
Jacques Chabot, Montebello Land Rover Experience off-road driving instructor.
R-Dynamic version of the Jaguar F-Type.
The vehicle had to negotiate the challenging Digital Smart Cone course.
The performance of the 394 hp 512 lb-ft torque Jaguar I-Pace was tested on a course which simulated daily driving conditions such as acceleration, braking and turns. As it is an all-electric vehicle, the absence of the usual sounds produced by combustion engines was duly noted by several participants.
Participants had an opportunity to check out the array of Jaguar and Land Rover models on hand after performing the various tests.

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