ARI Hosts “Best In Fleet 2017”

Chris Conroy, President and CEO of Holman Business Services, speaks about ARI’s global view of the fleet market (Photo: Jack Kazmierski)

Guests enjoy three days of networking, education and fun in the Florida sun.

Miami, Florida – Fleet professionals from all over North America recently gathered in South Beach, Miami for ARI’s 2017 fleet user conference. The exclusive invitation only event offered top fleet executives an opportunity to network with ARI’s senior leaders in the heart of one of Miami’s most attractive hot spots.

The three-day event included a preview of some of the innovative technologies ARI will be bringing to the market in the near future, along with a close look at real world case studies, and insights into maximizing fleet assets while driving the bottom line.

The event included a thought-provoking presentation by NFL great, Emmitt Smith. His high-energy speech was both inspirational and entertaining, offering plenty of food for thought for anyone hoping to achieve great things, both professionally and personally.

Look for a full report in the next issue of fleetdigest.

Carl Ortell, CEO, Holman Executive Group, offers the audience a bird’s eye view of the Holman group of companies.
NFL legend, Emmitt Smith, talks about his love of the game, his view of change, and how to cope with it.
Peter Nogalo, Marketing Manager, ARI moderates the “Integrated Fleet Value Offering” panel with guests (L-R) LeAnn Chewning and Peter Tunnard (both from XTO Energy), and Jim Spera, ARI District Sales Manager
Mike Stallone, Director of Development at ARI, talks about some of the company’s exciting new IT initiatives.
Ted Graham, Head of Open Innovation at General Motors, talks about today’s disruptors and the impact they’ll have on the industry.
Jeff Cole, Department Head, Strategic Accounts, ARI
Don Woods, Director of Information Technology at ARI, talks about some of the new technologies ARI is bringing to market.
Craig Pierce, Director of Sales North/West for ARI moderates a panel with guests (L-R) Angela Masterson and John Alioto (both with ComCast), and Mike Bryan from ARI.

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