NAFA Hosts 2017 Golf Tournament

(L-R) Stu Ralph, Jeff Meggitt, Jillian Lynch (SickKids Foundation), Mark Boutilier, Phil Wood, Leslie Campbell (Photo: Jack Kazmierski)

Annual event raises over $20,000 for SickKids.

More than 150 fleet professionals attended the annual golf tournament and fundraiser, hosted by the Ontario Chapter of NAFA.

Besides a great lunch and dinner, along with hours of golf at the Copper Creek Golf Course in Kleinburg, Ontario, guests enjoyed prizes and numerous giveaways.

In the end, however, the focus of the day was the fundraiser, with every dollar going to the Toronto SickKids Foundation. To date, the Ontario Chapter of NAFA has raised over $100,000 to help kids in need, and this year’s total only adds to the difference fleet professionals hope to make.

(L-R) Rob Dubois, Stephanie Celli, Debbie Thomas, Basil Marcus
(L-R) Adam McBrain, Jennifer Chapman, David Thornton, Andrew Scanian
(L-R) Inder Gill, Bernie Moorcroft, Bill Fisher, Claude Malette
(L-R) Cole Reiken, Rui Nunez, Brian Murphy, Richard Phillips
(L-R) Marc Jolibois, Luc Grenier, Shawn Bryan, Andrew Ludwig
(L-R) Rob Gramada, Cal Turgeon, Jeff Morton, Steve Shier
(L-R) Brad Kellock, Dan Turner, Sean Grasby, Stuart Morcombe
(L-R) John Blakely, Karen Mongelli, Trisha Cain, Alex Gentili
(L-R) Eric Waxman, Andrew Weller, Matt Critchell, Dan Ransom
(L-R) Joe Gatto, Kathryn Gavrylec, William Furtado
(L-R) Russ Gillman, Joe Tavares, Mike Coote, Charlie Johns
(L-R) Chris Hill, Scott Langlois, Deborah Pavro, Sergio De Rose
(L-R) Danny Banks, Crystal Hill, Al Pink, Mark Boutilier
(L-R) Jerome Flanigan, Parry Bontje, Thomas Roth
(L-R) Heath Lalonde, Markus Flair, Peter Deville
(L-R) Bill Bennett, Ted Kelly, Jeff Sittler, Pat Foote
(L-R) Tony Harold, Nikki Figliano, Mark Peyman, Marc Chiarella
(L-R) Paul Campbell, George Stefankiewicz, Adam Bank, Matt Pawluk
(L-R) Ali Khan, Frank Niereisel, Ian Ramsay
(L-R) Tom Scott, Allie Huizenga, Norma Parker, Gary Needles
(L-R) Jeff Meggitt, Larry Hollett, Stuart Ralph, John Rey
(L-R) Jeff Meggitt attempts fleetdigest’s “Marshmallow Challenge.”
(L-R) Philip Wood, Leslie Campbell, Jocelyn Wyatt, Mike Patterson
(L-R) Andre Pereira, Kelly Auger, Paul Camboj, Matt Winford
(L-R) Michail Ireni, Gary Bruce, Linda Challis
(L-R) Geoff Stubbings, Bill Murphy, Rob Rose, Bryan Charleau
(L-R) Mike Stallone, Kathryn Foster, Brian Collister
(L-R) Gerry Corcoran, Mary Murphy, Stephen Coulman
(L-R) Norman Din, Steve Elliot, Vikram Kashyap, John Round
(L-R) Keith D’Sa, Russell Seton, Monique Powers, Sean Logan
(L-R) Heather Carlton, Jason Wilda, Laurie Sehl, Elaine Pennell

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