BASF 2019 Glasurit Best Paint Award Winner Announced at SEMA

BASF 2019 Glasurit Best Paint Award Winner Announced at SEMA
Jane Niemi, BASF Refinish NA Marketing Manager; Chip Foose from Foose Design; Jonathan Goolsby from Goolsby Customs and Tina Nelles, BASF Refinish NA Marketing Services Manager, pose with the 1932 Ford Sedan “5th Avenue Special”. (Photo: BASF)

At the 2019 SEMA Show, BASF declared a 1932 Ford Sedan 5th Avenue Special by Goolsby Customs as the winner of the 2019 Glasurit Best Paint Award.

The vehicle managed to impress the judges the most amongst the nearly 30 vehicles entered for the award.

To determine which vehicle was able to demonstrate the typical Glasurit colour and shine the best, the BASF team collaborated with well-known designer and artist Chip Foose. According to BASF, the winning entry was chosen for showcasing the perfection of the work done in the most minute areas, such as colour tones, stripes, and volume of parts, among other things.

“As a builder myself, I know the pain it takes to get a car as beautiful as you can,” said Foose. “We look at characteristics that the untrained eye might not catch—gaps, edges and various textures, to name a few. What set the 5th Avenue apart was the complexity of multiple colours and the amount of work it took to line up the stripes, align the gaps and ensure the finish was flawless.”

The 1932 Ford Sedan was painted by Goolsby in Glasurit Celadon Mist and Cumberland Green, Goolsby Editions.

The two runners up selected were:

  • 1956 Chevy pick-up painted in Glasurit 55 Line by Revision Rods and Rides in Rapid City, S.D.
  • 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 painted with Glasurit 90 Line by Roadster Shop in Mundelein, Ill.

“This award not only makes me feel good about the work we do at Goolsby Customs, but also challenges us to keep pushing the limits and being creative,” said Jonathan Goolsby. “We are truly living our dream, and we are thankful for BASF’s support of Goolsby Customs. Using Glasurit paint makes a world of difference and our cars could not look their best without it.”

BASF presents the Glasurit Best Paint Award every year to vehicles that showcase excellence when painted with Glasurit 22, 55 or 90 line of products, even primer, colour and clear. Judges evaluate the vehicles on the basis of fit and finish, quality of preparation and final presentation.

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