Polyvance Releases New Plastic Repair Video

Polyvance Releases New Plastic Repair Video
Polyvance’s new video shows the procedure to repair vehicle dash pads made of ABS or polycarbonate plastics. (Photo: Huw Evans)

Polyvance has released a new video demonstrating how ABS and polycarbonate plastics can be repaired with its PlastiFix product.

Plastics like ABS and polycarbonate are rigid but brittle. They are commonly found in vehicle interior parts, as well as on motorcycles and boat dashboard panels. Continuous exposure to outdoor elements, such as UV rays, can make these rigid plastics even more brittle and susceptible to damage.  Finding suitable replacements for these parts is often expensive. They may even be difficult to find or in some cases may not be available at all.

In a release by Polyvance, the company says that these types of plastics are easily reparable, allowing repair shops to retain the original part. Polyvance’s latest video shows repairers how cracks and holes in ABS plastic can be repaired with the company’s PlastiFix rigid repair kit. PlastiFix, a methacrylate monomer adhesive system, allows repairers to fabricate missing pieces on rigid plastics, besides filling gaps and mending cracks.

Polyvance’s video demonstrates the procedure on a 2005 Stratos bass boat dash panel riddled with cracks and holes. The same procedure can be applied to repair vehicle dash covers made of the same material.

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