Two London CARSTAR Shops Attain I-CAR Gold Class Status

CARSTAR London East and London West, located in Ontario, have been added to the short list of collision repair facilities achieving I-CAR Gold Class status. (Photo: CARSTAR)

Two more names have been added to the short list of collision repair facilities achieving I-CAR Gold Class status in London, Ontario : CARSTAR London East and London West.

Wayne Minogue is the owner of CARSTAR London West and CARSTAR London East. Both stores are recipients of the esteemed credentials. “It was quite the task,” says Minogue. “My two appraisers had to take 11 more courses. The body men had to take six or seven, including all the advance welding courses on structure and sectioning.”

Minogue was sure to recognize the time and effort the employees put in. To qualify shops have to have four “Role Reps” who have achieved enough training to qualify in the following areas: Structural, Non-Structural, Production Management and Refinish. Achieving Gold Class requires substantial buy-in from employees.

“They saw the training that was required, but they saw how bad I wanted it, and they were okay with it. I’m proud of what we’ve done at both shops,” says Minogue. “All my staff are proud of what we’ve done.”

CARSTAR London West is a 6,500 sq. ft. facility that generates the single largest dollar amount in CARSTAR’s Canadian network based on square footage. CARSTAR London East was a corporately owned location that had hired Minogue as a manager originally. He bought the location 16 years ago and the two facilities employ 45 people.

CARSTAR London East is 30,000 sq. ft and now aluminum ready. “I’ve spent about $300,000 on equipment,” says Minogue. “We’ve two resistance spot welders, we’ve got two of aluminum MIG brazing welders and we’re putting in a second spray booth.”

The investment is worth it. “My customers and employees want to know that I’m going to be around for a long time,” says Minogue. He’s already thinking about his succession plan. “My son just turned 21 and finished apprenticeship. The plan is he’ll take over from me.”

Achieving Gold Class status is an impressive accomplishment. I-CAR estimates only 10 percent of repair facilities currently meet the standard. “If you want to tell insurance companies you’re best-in-class, this is what they say they want. I hope it pays off and helps us grow,” says Minogue.

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