Wedge Clamp Opens U.S. Operations


B.C.-based Wedge Clamp Systems has expanded into the U.S. collision market.
(Photo: Wedge Clamp Systems)

Richmond, B.C.-based Wedge Clamp Systems recently announced its expansion into the U.S. with an official launch ceremony.

Taking place at Wedge Clamp’s new facility in Long Beach, Calif. on August 21, the event saw attendees, including collision shop owners, insurance company representatives and auto dealers witnessed full displays showcasing the lightweight, portable anchoring, measuring and pulling tools that together, form the Wedge Clamp System.

“They all loved it” said Peter Allan, Wedge Clamp’s Chief Operating Officer for the U.S. “Some very important insurance people were here today, including reps from three of the major insurance companies, AAA, Allstate and Mercury.”

In its 30-year history, Wedge Clamp has primarily concentrated on its home market in Canada and such farther-flung countries as Russian and Japan. But new company owner Bill Hatswell and his Craftsman Group of Companies has targeted the United States as Wedge Clamp’s ripest market —made more attractive by the low Canadian dollar and resurgent U.S. economy.

“We have systems in maybe 20 or 30 shops in the whole country,” says Allan.

“On the whole,” says Allan, “very few people have seen or heard of it. Wedge Clamp is very new to the U.S.”

Compared to bench top repair systems, which tend to be costly and space consuming, the Wedge Clamp System is lightweight and affordable, and requires less storage space because many components hang on the wall.

“The usual complaint is that shops want to maximize their floor space, and only use their rack systems 10 to 20 percent of the time,” says Allan. “With Wedge Clamp you can use 100 percent of the space 100 percent of the time.”

The so-called express shops dealing in relatively light damage represent a particularly rich sales opportunity, Allan says.

“They get cars with what looks like minor damage, but once they pull the bumper or quarter panel, they often discover there’s been frame damage aswell. They don’t have a rack system to fix it, and they don’t want to have to flatbed it to another shop. So now instead of the high cost of buying a rack, shops can use the Wedge Clamp EZE Tie Down system.”

In addition to its California address and Richmond, B.C. head office, Wedge Clamp has a facility in Suzhou, China. The company’s recent growth comes with an expanded product lineup including distribution of the Eclipse laser frame-measuring system and the Stat-Gun anti-static paint preparation tool.

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