Cellutrak: technology designed to fatten your wallet

CellutrakTelematics are revolutionizing the transportation industry, but few have veri­fied, this technology with quantifi­able success. Introducing Cellutrak’s Accident Reconstruction Interface (ARI) and Driver Behaviour Module, two groundbreaking tools that come together in a single package to promote driver safety. As a seasoned leader in the development of telematics technology, Cellutrak powered by Ituran, presents vehicle owners with an innovative solution that meets the evolving needs of everyday drivers.

The ARI system acts as a “black box” recalling the events leading up to a crash while the driver behaviour module acts a corrective measure for poor driving patterns including harsh breaking, speeding and excessive overturns. Intended for corporate and consumer use, these tools enrich the effectiveness of Cellutrak’s GPS anti-theft systems for a wide range of vehicles including cars, trucks, RVs, motorbikes, watercrafts and snowmobiles. Based on the data collected from the driver behaviour module, a fuel and score card are created, ranking driver performance. This gives parents, for example, a measurable way to monitor the progress of young drivers and businesses the ability to track their fleets’ safety and fuel consumption. As a result, vehicle owners and insurance companies can make considerable savings on auto insurance premiums.

Together, with Ituran’s 18 years of experience as a leader in the development of telematics technology, Cellutrak powered by Ituran is leading the charge in redefining GPS anti-theft solutions.

Product info: 1 888 901 8725 Twitter: CelluTrak_GPS Facebook: CelluTrak Powered by Ituran www.cellutrak.ca.

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