Fall 2017 Lindertech Conference: Informative and In-Depth

From October 12-14, 2017 Cochrane Automotive hosted the Fall Lindertech Conference. John Cochrane, centre with event instructors John Thornton (left) and Scot Manna (right). (Photos: Huw Evans)

A range of seminars, from shop management to air/fuel sensor operation was time well spent for those who attended.

From October 12 through October 14, Lindertech held its 2017 Fall Conference. As in past years, the event included seminars at Cochrane Automotive, 73 Chauncey Ave., in Etobicoke, Ont., plus a full-day Saturday session at the Hilton Garden Inn, 1870 Matheson Blvd in Mississauga, Ont.

On October 12 the event began with a session entitled The World is Changing Fast, Will You Fit In? Hosted by Bob Greenwood from Automotive Aftermarket E-Learning Centre, the workshop took a look at building shop net profit in today’s environment; how to measure performance and analyzing the right numbers to achieve success.

The following day, technical trainers John Thornton and Scot Manna provided a workshop on Mastering Your Lab Scope for technicians, with assistance from Mark Lemay and Jordan Coseni at Auto Aide Technical Services. Much of this session focused on actual acquiring patterns on vehicles, with attendees receiving workbooks full of many specific scope pattern acquisition assignments.

On Saturday, October 14, the venue switched from Cochrane Automotive to the Hilton Garden Inn, 1870 Matheson Blvd for some in-depth classroom style technical training. In the morning, John Thornton delivered a session on Air/Fuel Sensor Testing and Operation, while following a lunch break, Scot Manna delved into Figuring Out Fuel Trim.

In talking with John Cochrane of Cochrane Automotive, who coordinates these events, the emphasis is always on providing real world information based on actual experience in the shop. “Every class we feature, we’ve actually seen before to make sure it’s high quality training,” he said.

Cochrane also informed us of a pilot program developed with Uni-Select. “They have partnered with us for training in Ontario, Quebec and Western Canada, the Pacific region, plus we’re investigating training in Atlantic Canada. So far, the feedback has been very positive. We’ve had a lot of response that when it comes to the type of training being demanded, it needs to be classroom and hands-on, with a business component included.”

John Thornton delivers a session on Air/Fuel Sensor Testing on October 14.
(Left to right) John Thornton, John Cochrane and Scot Manna.
Well over 60 technicians and auto service professionals attended on Saturday, some from as far away as Alberta and New Brunswick.
Auto Aide Technical Services provided some specials on diagnostic equipment, such as this 4 Channel Pico Scope Kit.
Auto Aide’s Mark Lemay discusses diagnostics with technicians at the 2017 Fall Lindertech Conference, October 14.
Joel Lagace, a technician with Mecanik SJP, made the trip to Lindertech all the way from Northern New Brunswick.
(Left to right) Terry Bujold of Pro-Tech Tire and Auto in Barrie, Ont., with Jordan Coseni from Auto Aide and Joshu Oriano, Cochrane Automotive.
Chris Self (left) and Jason Goulding from Buehler Automotive, made the trip from Fergus, Ont.
Allan Einberg (left) from ASE Mechanical Ltd and Clyde Doucette, New-Tech Automotive.
Mike Adema (left) from Jake’s Auto Service and Gianni Biral of Biral Automotive are regular attendees at these Lindertech training sessions.
Workshops provided actual in-depth case studies based on real shop experiences.
Scot Manna’s afternoon session on October 14 focused on Figuring Out Fuel Trim.

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