New Products at Shell’s AAPEX Booth

New Products at Shell’s AAPEX Booth
Shell’s Rotella Gas Truck Synthetic Motor Oil for Trucks and SUVs. (Photo: Shell)

There are more and more gas-powered pickups and SUVs on the road today. They need good care just like the cars… they, too, have needs!

To that end, Shell came out with Rotella® Gas Truck Synthetic Motor Oil! This gives trucks and SUVs wear protection that’s unsurpassed… something larger, higher-torque powertrains require whether they are new engines or older ones.

Gas Truck will help keep the engine clean, help prevent sludge plus other deposits that could be a damaging factor. It has a synthetic base oil that gives added oxidation stability, improved volatility and low-temperature properties. In addition, it protects horsepower!

Gas Truck Full Synthetic Motor Oil outperforms conventional motor oil in severe driving conditions (heavy hauling/towing; rugged terrain; extreme hot & cold temperatures and stop and go driving.) It also provides unsurpassed wear protection.

Shell Rotella Gas Truck 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is recommended for use in all vehicles requiring the use of SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade synthetic engine oil… particularly gasoline pickups and SUVs that may experience more extreme conditions. It can be mixed with other synthetic and mineral oils.

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