TRICO Products Celebrates Their 100th Anniversary at AAPEX

TRICO Products Celebrates Their 100th Anniversary at AAPEX
Joseph P. Stephan, Senior Vice President, Sales and Ryan Gernheuser, Director Product Management show the range of The Trico Group Products available all over the world. (Photo: Shirley Brown)

Founded in 1917, the company commemorated a century of wiper blade evolution and innovation throughout 2017 during the AAPEX Show.

As a pioneer in the industry, TRICO developed the Rain Rubber—the company’s first mass production, manually-controlled wiper blade. Ten years later, TRICO introduced the first ever two-blade wiper system—Visionall. More than 1,000 patents later, TRICO is recognized as the visionary behind many innovations that have enhanced driving visibility—windshield washer systems, rear wiper blades and beam blade technology.

“While our 100th Year Anniversary officially begins next year, AAPEX serves as the perfect opportunity to kick-start the milestone celebration,” said Dawn Gonzalez, Brand Manager at TRICO Products Corporation. “This is one of the largest automotive aftermarket events in the world, and gathers an enormous group of professionals who have a deep appreciation for innovations within the industry.”

This year they also introduced a line of PRO® beam blades that need no adapters when installing and exact fit rear wiper beam blades. TRICO has expanded globally in Europe, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and China…

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