Pennzoil Releases Latest Garage Sessions Video

Blackberry Smoke share car stories while jamming in the latest Pennzoil Garage Sessions video. (Photo: Pennzoil)

Blackberry Smoke share car stories while jamming in the shop.

There’s always been an intrinsic link between cars and music. Songwriters have waxed lyrical about cars; producers and artists have placed cars on album covers, in music videos and even tied feature length scenes of driving and a particular car with a particular music track.

As part of the new season of Pennzoil Garage Sessions, Blackberry Smoke members, including front man Charlie Starr, as well as brothers Brit and Richard Turner, share their passion for Detroit muscle, as well as the more practical need to repair and maintain the workhorse vans they use for touring, even a little anecdote about helping a stranded motorist, only to get two flat tires themselves!

There’s just something about Southern Rock and classic cars that goes together, like bread and butter, Corona and lime, or come to think of it—Pennzoil and a small-block V-8.

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