Plombco Launches Value Line Series Wheel Weights


Plombco has launched its new Value Line series of low profile, steel adhesive wheel weights.
(Photo: Plombco)

Plombco has launched its new Value Line Series, a complete line-up of cost-effective low profile steel adhesive wheel weights.

In addition to the silver-grey 0.25 ounce segments, Plombco now offers black coloured and 0.5-ounce segments in boxes of strips or in 15 lbs. roll formats.

Plombco, located in Valleyfield, Que., has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of wheel balancing weights in the world. With quality-minded employees, the company produces over one million units per day in its two highly automated facilities.

Plombco products are sold to OEMs and aftermarket customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Plombco products are recognized as being among the most innovative and comprehensive product line in the industry today focused on meeting any balancing need.

Plombco also produces patented Plasteel premium wheel weights for passenger cars and light trucks.

For more information about Plombco’s range of wheel balancing products, click here

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