Intake Manifold Leaks Repaired with Liquid Copper

Liquid CopperA leak in the intake manifold gasket or the manifold could mean poor fuel economy, reduced engine performance. Now you don’t have to replace it—Rislone Liquid Copper Block Seal Intake & Radiator Stop Leak was designed to chemically repair leaks in the intake manifold and intake manifold gasket, as well as other major cooling system leaks.

Liquid Copper (p/n 31109) works by forming a physical seal at the leak site using organic and synthetic fibers, copper and an ionic-modified sealant. The seal is permanently cemented in place with liquid glass. The product will not harm the cooling system when properly installed, nor clog the heater core.

Liquid Copper can be used in any water-cooled vehicle—cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs. It’s compatible with all types of coolant, including yellow, orange, pink, red, blue and green silicate-based and non-silicate-based (OAT/HOAT) antifreeze and/or water. Liquid Copper is made in North America and includes directions in English and French.

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