Bestbuy AGM & Trade Show: Celebrating The Past, Embracing the Future

Bestbuy AGM & Trade Show: Celebrating The Past, Embracing the Future
Bestbuy Distributors hosted its annual AGM and trade show on April 26-27. (Photos: Huw Evans, Sukanya Ray Ghosh)

On April 26-27 Bestbuy Distributors hosted its annual general meeting, awards ceremony and trade show in Mississauga, Ont.

Bestbuy members from across the country, along with the corporate management team and industry suppliers gathered near Toronto Pearson International Airport, for this annual event. Bestbuy announced its new board of directors for the year and also presented a cheque to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for $31,500.

Dr. Mike Seed, head of Cardiology at Sick Kids was on hand to receive the award and talked about the need to continue investing in research to help pre-mature babies stand a greater chance of survival via investments in technology such as artificial wombs.

This year’s Awards Gala was particularly moving in that former Bestbuy Chairman, the late Dale Devlin was bestowed with the William Elton Outstanding Support Award.

Devlin, who also owned and operated Halton Automotive for many years, had a huge impact in building Bestbuy Distributors into what it has become today and his widow, Mary, along with Dale’s family members was on hand to receive the award.

Other awards included the Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year award presented to Mevotech; the Cornerstone Award given to Promax; the Bestbuy Headquarters Award to VisionOE NuGeon; Rising Star Partners Award to Magnacharge and the Marketing Partners Award to Baldwin Filters.

On April 27, Bestbuy once again opened the doors to its massive warehouse complex at 3355 American Drive in Mississauga for its annual trade show. Members and other industry professionals had the chance to visit and conduct business with a whole host of vendors, ranging from lubricant manufacturers to technology solutions providers.

CarCare Business attended and brings you some of the highlights:

Dr. Mike Seed, Head of Cardiology at Sick Kids, receives a cheque for $31,500 from the Bestbuy team.
Douglas Squires, President & CEO, Colonial Auto Parts / APM Limited, addresses a captivated crowd at the AGM/Awards Gala.
David Cochrane was in attendance at the trade show on behalf of Delphi Technologies.
Bruce Murray and Chris Haldane manned the PBE Distributors booth at the Bestbuy trade show.
Tim Murphy and Rolf Munech from Cloyes were excited to talk about their upcoming products.
Representing Total Canada were Pragati Upadhyay and Brendon Shane who showed us some of Total's newest synthetic oils.
Representing GEM-CAR; Larry Raymond and Bob Worts discussed different software solutions for aftermarket professionals.
Ray Proulx from KYB Americas had a range of exciting products to talk about at the show.
Josee Levert, National Account Manager, Epicor
Francois Gagnon, representing Loctite, was in attendance at the event.
Doug Curliss, Sam Yako from Pro Max pose for a photo with Bestbuy Business Development Manager Kennedy Costa.
Mevotech representatives Brad Thomas, Clare Snow and Jacques Nadeau expressed their pride in the company winning the Horace J. Pratt Vendor of the Year award.
Rob Carthew (Blue Shirt) and Chris Ignat from NGK showcasing their products on the trade show floor.
A Bestbuy member poses with Christine Brown and Daniel Toussaint from Wakefield (Castrol) after rounding off an interesting conversation with them.
Troy Snider (Grant Bros Sales), Gordon King, Wade King and Darrel Galant at the TrakMotive booth
Bestbuy members interacting with representatives at the Liqui Moly booth.
Ray Di Pietro and Tyson Kenny attended the Bestbuy trade show on behalf of Valvoline.
Robert Rosen and Kristian Campbell from Dayco were pleased with the ongoing business on the trade show floor.

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