NAPA’s Annual Golf Tournament Raises $10,000 for Children’s Wish Foundation

NAPA’s Annual Golf Tournament Raises $10,000 for Children’s Wish Foundation
NAPA members and their associates enjoyed a fantastic day on links at the NAPA Annual Golf Tournament held at the Glen Eagles Golf Course in Bolton. This year’s event raised $10,000 for the Children’s Wish Foundation. (L-R) Alain Masse, President, NAPA Canada, Riley Pratt, Senior Vice President NAPA Canada and Chris Kinghorn, Regional Vice President, NAPA Ontario. (Photos: Steve Pawlett)

Over 180 golfers enjoyed a wonderful warm sunny day on the Glen Eagles Golf Course in Bolton at the NAPA Annual Golf Tournament.

The tournament raised $10,000 for The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada bringing the total funds raised to date for the Foundation to $25,000. Once again, the event was put together by Christine Herr, NAPA Ontario Marketing & Events Coordinator and her team. Congratulations on another fine event!

At the age of 81, Hockey Hall of Famer Eddy Shack enjoyed an afternoon of golf with the NAPA group, (L-R) Eddy Shack, Joe Schmitt, Owner, Florida Garage and Andrew Nicholls, Business Development Specialist for Auto Pro for the GTA and Northern Ontario.
Dave Gourlay, Brian Urie
John Mackay, Casey Hemanus, Hugh MacDonald, and Arif Bhanji
Dominic Iozzo, Brian Lefont, Curtis Erion, and Bryan McIntyre
Justin Lesansky, Jeff Lee, and Bill Fortnum
CarlosPereira, Silvio Ferarri and John
Vince Salamone, Ivan Petruzzi, Tony Doyle and Chris Dubnyk
Dave Ware, Brad Rhynold, Mike Valve, and Ted Saelzen
Pat Eades, Peter Clarke, Mike Marchese, and Barry Duff
Christine Herr, Marketing & Events Coordinator, NAPA and Amanda LeGal, NAPA Brand Ambassador in the New Camaro
Christine Herr, Murray Stewart and Amanda LeGal
Trying out the new Camaro which was the prize for a hole-in-one, Steve Brooks, Dave Woolridge, Tony Butzer, Mike Leopold, Christine Herr and Amanda LeGal.
Simon Reeks, Tiz Presutto, Murray Stewart, Pino Fodero, and Jerry Compierchio
Christina Bain, Sue Hines, Jack Leggo and Al Evely
Mike Amberley, Darrin Smalley, Jeff Morrison and Bill Santo
Danny Popetti, Tom Paglia, Andy Aguomo and Rob Saladino
Gord Sewell, Darryl Herbics, Peter Stelmach and Dave Dobrint
Alex Kyros swinging for a hole in one to win a Camaro
Ali Awji, Minas Tsoukalas, Mike Sofraniou and Alex Kyros
Jason Russel, Owner of Russell’s Auto Pro, Hamilton, making a putt
Grant Bradley, Scott Mackay, Troy Snider and Jason Russell
Rick Kernaghan, Mike Santacona, Patrick Henriquez-Perry, Ian Duncan
Steve Gallace, Peter Wrong, and Craig Alvano
Christina Kessler, Brian Boksa, Guy Belanger and Dave Bates
Enjoying a cool drink and conversation after a day on the course

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