Another WOW Woodbine Event

Another WOW Woodbine Event
Dean Clarke poses in front of the amazing Tenneco display. (Photos : Jack Kazmierski)

Wednesday, June 6 saw another sold out Woodbine Event for Uni-Select Ontario! Even though the venue had changed from the main building (undergoing renovations) to The Paddock, the members had plenty of space and time to talk to the suppliers; the suppliers had a very easy time moving in their wares to the ground floor building, and as usual, the food was awesome.

We overheard Uni-Select members and their customers saying how much easier it was to be able to get to a Suppliers booth because there was more space around the booths as they were spread singly around the perimeter of the room. The suppliers told us it was so much easier getting their products into the room being on the ground level. So it was a big win-win situation for all concerned.

The Uni-Select members and their customers had a busy night visiting each Supplier’s booth and being able to talk one-on-one about a new product, get valuable information and even speak about any problems they had concerning a particular item. The outcome was a great event and another WOW Woodbine!

The beautifully restored Raybestos Chevy to be given away at AAPEX.
Billy Thomas, Uni-Select, with the Chev Volt Hybrid and the courses he teaches about Hybrids.
The ‘awesome’ food tables!
A happy group—Brian Kowalski, Brake Parts Inc, Larry Raymond, GEM-CAR, Bob Worts, GEM-CAR, Robert Pitt, Brake Parts Inc and Zineb Ahnou, Uni-Select.
At the WIX booth—Patrick Verriett, Glen Roy, Steve Ellis and John McArthur.
Jerry Leman, Catherine Green and Mark Hay looked happy at the Federal-Mogul booth.
Justin Lesansky and Bill Fortnum manned the Spectra-Premium booth.
Craig Read, Lynda Williams and Dave Croteau at the FRAM booth.
Shell sent Reg Root, Dave Bates and Guy Belanger to handle their booth.
The Mevotech gang—Clare Snow, Brad Thomas, Scott Rogers and Derek Chinn.
Manning the Spin to Win booth were Uni-Select’s Blake Cudmore and Joe Brooks.
Handling the Corgi booth were Charles Vaillencourt and Terry Lefebvre.
Brad Bellerby was on duty at the Valvoline booth.

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