Bestbuy’s 65th Annual Trade Event

Bestbuy’s 65th Annual Trade Event
Proudly displaying their third Horace B. Pratt Award from Bestbuy is Sam Yako, and Doug Curliss, ProMax. (Photos: Steve Pawlett)

Bestbuy’s 65th annual trade event which is held each year at the company’s head office and warehouse in Mississauga was once again, a big hit with suppliers and members.

Held on Saturday, March 24th, the warehouse floor filled quickly when the doors opened at 9 a.m.  Bestbuy members met with suppliers, enjoyed some great comradery and picked up some great deals.

Craig Reed, Dave Crouteau and John Hussey, FRAM.
Ray Proulx and Mike Fiorito, KYB, are offering a new certified vehicle stability & control centre kit to help show motorists the importance of shocks and struts.
Spectra Premium is now offering CAPA certified radiators, (l-r) Jeff Lee, Bill Fortnum.
Karen Barkin and Bun Mawani once again put together a well-attended trade show held at Bestbuy’s head office and warehouse in Mississauga.
Federal Mogul had their Garage Guru mobile unit and MOOG parts on display.
Tyler Samagalski and Bob Rosen, Dayco, had their new water pump kits available.
Josée Levert, National Account Manager, Epicor.
Terry Louizos and Trina Vick were demonstrating the new AllData level 4 scan tool with OE information.
Rey Coop, Brian Saucier, and Michael Koval of Continental had their new straight rib profile and extreme duty belts on display.
David Moilanen was on hand to discuss the latest offerings from Continental VDO.
The Mevotech booth was a busy place, (l-r) Scott Stone, Brad Thomas, Ben and Jen Devlin of McLeod & Richmond, Derek Chin, Claire Snow.
Bart Chimenti and Pragati Upadhyay, Total, were on hand to answer customer queries on oil grade selection.
Darrel Gullant and Wade King, TrakMotive, had their new premium drive shaft assemblies on display.
Parrish Wood and Chantal Lamarre, Carrus, were on hand to discuss their new CRM solutions, delivery tracking solutions and a new executive dashboard.
Steve Lloyd, Shell
John McGrath, Dave Greenwood, and Bill Greenwood, FMSI
Dave Cochrane, Delphi
Bestbuy’s 65th annual trade show had a record turnout this year.
Jerry Kazakos, ANCARA Canada
GEMCAR ‘s Bob Worts was on hand to answer questions and demonstrate the many unique features of GEMCAR software.

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