CarCare Business October 2015

CarCare BusinessThe 2015 October issue of CarCare Business is now available online. You can flip through it here, but first, a few words from the Associate Publisher of  Car Care Business, Shirley Brown.

Winter Is On Its Way!

Another top-notch issue is in your hands with lots of words of wisdom.

We have the best of the technical know-how in the columns of Mark and Jeff, but look again… we have another ‘technical’ column for you! It has a different slant, a different perspective, a different author. We are very excited to have this technician write for us. We like different angles and this young woman certainly has that. That’s right, a licensed woman technician!

Allow me to introduce you to Emily Chung, owner of AutoNiche, a family friendly auto repair shop in Markham, Ontario, a wife, a mother of two, a certified child car seat technician and an automotive blogger. Chung writes about how to hire a qualified technician for your shop and makes some good points. We’re sure you will find these of some value.

Dave Redinger’s column is also an interesting read. I’m sure this has never happened in your shop but, as we see here, someone didn’t do their job correctly and caused a lot of grief for others and problems for himself. Hopefully you do not allow any cars out of your shop that are not thoroughly inspected and your findings shared with the vehicle owner.

The Automotive Aftermarket is heading into the ‘busy’ season, so a check-up should be made on all undercar parts before hitting the winter roads—brakes, shocks, springs, struts, exhaust… you get the picture. A vehicle owner is counting on you to make sure the vehicle is safe for driving.

Jobbers need to have the correct product applications on hand to ensure the service provider gets the parts promptly in order to service the vehicles in his shop. And parts manufacturers are getting their needed products to the jobber in record time.

Not many of us like to think about the coming winter… but as mere humans, we don’t have the ability to stop it! So make the most of it. Keep your customers’ vehicles dependable and safe to drive.

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