Toyota Backs Youth Outreach Program

Jennifer Flanagan (left), President and CEO, Actua and Leslie Miller (right), Board Member, Toyota Canada Foundation, at Fall Maker Mobile Tour Launch in Ottawa. (Photo: Toyota)

Toyota Canada Foundation announces new funding for Actua.

Toyota Canada Foundation will donate $200,000 to continue its support of Actua, a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)  youth outreach network representing 40 university and college based members.

Toyota’s donation will help underserved youth across Canada and the launch of Actua’s Fall Maker Mobile tour. 

“The Toyota Canada Foundation invests in national STEM education outreach programs focused on encouraging more youth from underrepresented segments of the population to pursue an education and career in this area,” said Leslie Miller, Toyota Canada Foundation Board Member. “We’re proud to be providing funding for Actua’s Maker Mobile program as it connects face-to-face with thousands of rural, remote and indigenous youth, engaging them to imagine and innovate, and inspiring them to consider an education and career in science, technology, engineering or math.”

Actua’s Maker Mobile tour will visit 2,500 young boys and girls in 20 communities across Ontario and Northern Quebec.

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