Porsche Passport Comes to Canada

Porsche Passport Comes to Canada
Members can swap between vehicles with an app. (Photo: Porsche)

Porsche expands its subscription model to new cities in the US, and into Toronto.

Porsche Cars Canada has announced that the company will now be offering on-demand access to the Porsche experience—which offers subscribers access to the entire Porsche model line-up—in Toronto.

The Passport program, which was originally piloted in Atlanta, is also expanding in the US to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and San Diego.

A monthly subscription fee allows Porsche customers access to numerous models, as well as unlimited swaps between vehicles, all with a convenient app. Cars are delivered and picked up by a concierge anywhere a customer prefers. 

In Canada, a monthly payment of $3,200 (for the “Launch” membership) gives members access to three models – the 718, Macan and Cayenne. For $4,200/month (the “Accelerate” membership) members can also access the 911 and Panamera, for a total of five different models.

“Consumers enjoy the flexibility of on-demand services,” says Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO, Porsche Cars Canada. “With a history of fostering innovation, the brand is keen to provide an exclusive experience with its sports cars via Passport through a partnership between Porsche Smart Mobility Canada and Pfaff Porsche in Vaughan.”

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