Nissan Introduces the Perfect Golf Ball

Nissan Introduces the Perfect Golf Ball
A perfect putt, every time (Photo: Nissan)

Technology borrowed from Nissan automobiles guarantees the perfect putt.

Nissan has come up with a clever way to promote their ProPILOT 2.0 driver assistance technology, which will debut in the new Nissan Skyline next month in Japan. 

Just as ProPILOT 2.0 uses the vehicle’s navigation system to guide a vehicle  according to a predefined route, the ProPILOT golf ball follows a predefined route to the hole. The ball navigates its way across the green and into the cup on the first putt.

Nissan explains how their too-good-to-be-true golf ball works: “An overhead camera detects the position of the ball and cup. When the ball is hit, a monitoring system calculates the correct route based on the ball’s movement and adjusts its trajectory. Combining sensing technology with an internal electric motor, the ProPILOT golf ball stays on route until reaching the hole.”


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