TRADER Partners with Coherent on Big Data

TRADER to offer big data. (Source:

TRADER Corporation plans to bring “Big Data” to the Canadian Automotive Industry.

TRADER Corporation has partnered with Toronto based Coherent Path on a project that will see consumer data benefit the Canadian automotive industry.

TRADER says they have the ability to identify where individual consumers are, and where they are headed, in the car buying process. This information can be used by both manufacturers and dealers to reach these shoppers online at the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.

“Most Canadian car buying journeys involve at some point, and that creates a lot of data,” said Roger Dunbar, Vice President of Marketing at TRADER. “By leveraging this marketplace data high-ground, we will be able to project and stimulate the car buying journey for individual consumers. Our customers will have the ability to strategically place messages within the various stages of the consumer’s journey, increasing ad effectiveness and driving incremental revenue as a result.”

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