Tire Storage: Best-in-Class


(L-R) The Atlas Tire team: Jim Shkut, Director, Sales & Marketing; Peter-James Gregory, President; The TSS team: Christine Athron, Account Manager; Robert Tiberio, President and CEO; Domenic Ismaele, Partner; Nick Caggiano, CIO

Two tire industry leaders join forces to offer dealers top-notch service.

Earlier this year, Atlas Tire Wholesale announced a strate­gic partnership with Tire Storage Solutions. The two companies have joined forces to bring dealers the best of both worlds – access to Atlas Tire’s large inventory of tires, and access to Tire Storage Solutions’ top-notch software which turns storing, organi­zing and keeping track of customers’ off season tires into a science.

“A number of our dealers came to us asking if we had a storage solu­tion that would allow them to better keep track of their customers’ tires,” explains Peter Gregory, President of Atlas Tire Wholesale. “But instead of reinventing the wheel, we set out to find the best in the business so that we could recommend their best-in-class service to our customers. After much research and after doing our due diligence, we determined that Tire Storage Solutions offers the best technology in the industry.”


Mobility and flexibility

What sets Tire Storage Solutions apart from the many tire storage options available on the market today is the flexibility and mobility of their overall package.

For starters, dealers are not obliged to store their tires in a specific warehouse or location. This built-in flexibility means the dealer can store customers’ tires onsite, at one of the warehouses Tire Storage Solutions has available across the country, or at a third-party location. The cloud-based software keeps track of the tires regardless of their physical location.

Second, the solution allows dealers to record the condition of their cus­tomer’s tires at every step in the pro­cess. Photos of the tires and wheels can be taken at the dealership before they’re even taken off the customer’s vehicle. Then again when they’re picked up by a truck (if they’re being stored offsite), and yet again when they arrive at the storage destination.

While some companies take photos of the wheels once they have arrived at the warehouse, Tire Storage Solutions argues that this creates a gap in accountability. “If the tire or wheel is ever damaged, the dealer has no idea when or where it happened,” explains Domenic Ismaele, Partner, Tire Storage Solutions. “It could have happened at the dealership, at the warehouse, or while on the truck. With this technology, you take the photo with the mobile right at the dealership, while the client is still watching. This removes all doubt.”

“Ideally, you could create an audit trail that takes you from the dealer­ship to the truck to the warehouse,” Gregory adds. “Should there ever be any damage, you’ll know when and where it happened.”

Photos are taken by a mobile handheld device (supplied by Tire Storage Solutions), which doubles as a scanner (for the labels affixed to each tire, as well as the label identify­ing the storage location), and a data entry device. A small keyboard allows the user to enter information about the condition of the tires and rims.

“We’ve designed the system so that you can input as little or as much information about the rims and tires as you’d like,” explains Christine Athron, Account Manager for Tire Storage Solutions. “Some of the deal­ers simply want to get the tires into storage and be able to find them the next time the customer is in. Others want to go further, and that’s why we built the solution so that you can take multiple photos of each, if they’d like. They can record the tread depth of each tire, the condition of each tire and rim, brand, model, size, issues with the tire, and more.”


Increased sales

This cloud-based solution has another advantage. “The dealership has their own Dealer Management System,” explains Athron, “so when they make appointments for a tire service within their DMS, a mes­sage is sent to our system to let the warehousing facility know when and where those tires are needed. There’s no need to enter data twice.”

While previewing the customer’s file, the dealer can access informa­tion about the condition of the tires and the rims, which allows for an opportunity to sell new tires or pro­vide an extra service.

“When the dealer takes the tires off his customer’s vehicle, he may have noted that there’s a scratch or a dent in one of the rims,” explains Robert Tiberio, Managing Partner, Tire Storage Solutions. “Or per­haps he noted down that a couple of the tires need to be replaced. The dealer now has an opportun­ity to contact that customer and to ask them if they’d like to have that wheel repaired or have the new tires installed and ready to go.”


Accountability, visibility and measurability

What dealers want and need is accountability, visibility and meas­urability, explains Domenic Ismaele. “And these are the three things that our system offers.”

The dealer knows, at all times, where the customer’s tires are, what tread depths the tires are at, what brand, which ones need to be replaced, and if any have damaged rims.

It’s also critical not to mix up one customer’s tires with those of another. “Sometimes the client will insist that the dealer is giv­ing them back the wrong tires and rims,” notes Nick Caggiano, Tire Storage Solutions’ CIO and Partner. “They’ll insist that those are not the tires and rims they dropped off, simply because they have forgotten. They forgot what they looked like. The dealer needs to remove all that doubt, and maintain a professional environment. That’s what our tech­nology allows the dealer to do.”

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