TADA Hosts 2019 Golf Tournament

(L-R) Todd Bourgeon (TADA), Darryl Sittler, and Ken Shaw (Lexus Toyota). (Photo: Saba Khan)

TADA’s annual golf tournament welcomed a large crowd.

Around 276 dealers and vendors attended the annual Southern Golf Tournament, hosted by Trillium Automotive Dealers Association on 12th June 2019.

After breakfast, attendees were able to enjoy a day of golf at Rattlesnake Point Golf Course, Milton, Ontario, and a barbeque lunch at the Half-Way House in the afternoon.

Ken Shaw, from Lexus Toyota, thanked the many sponsors and guests that were in attendance and afterward, presented various prizes to golfers that played during the day. There was also an opportunity to meet Darryl Sittler, a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player who played in the National Hockey League for the Toronto Maple Leafs, among other teams, and who’s quick humour earned him many laughs throughout dinner.

(L-R) Craig MarColin, Ben Folkes, Dave fowler, and Rob Schnarr.
(L-R) Justin Rattray, Jeff Gloven, Dave Morrison, and Kristin Macintosh.
(L-R) Gary Williamson, Laura Zanchin, Gianluca Filippetti, and Jason Van Schoonhoven.
(L-R) Dale Wurfel, Damien Leornardo, Jordan Wurfel, and Justin Ansems.
(L-R) Kevin Bowes, Rick Trembinski, Andrew Anastas, and Ethan Goldberg.
(L-R) Wayne Stiby, Lisa Church, John Thomson, and Kim Boudreau.
(L-R) Charlie Bartolo, Kevin Kurnik, Bob Pointon, and Craig Riley.
(L-R) Angus Tai, Alan Cheung, Greg Burns, and Alan McCandless.
(L-R) James Shin, John Jang, Brian Tafler, and Izzie Manji.
(L-R) Tony Koubridis, Dustin Willis, Kara Hollister, and Jordan Ringler.
(L-R) Brett Newell, Matt McLeod, Blake Bradley, and George Perdikakis.
(L-R) Richard Klump, Neil Van Lochem, John Di Renzo, and Dallas Gray.
(L-R) Brandon Wilkins, Richard MacDonald, Dimitri Dariviris and Ben McRae.
(L-R) Ruth McBride, John Hiscock, Ross Cunningham, and Ken Maisonville.
(L-R) Andrew Wells, Tony McQuillan, and Omar Khan.
(L-R) Mark Degli Angeli, Michel Caron, Nik Hall, and Romehl Capcap.
(L-R) Bob Hall, Ron Loveys, and Richard Haineault.
(L-R) Paul Selby, Nadeer Rana, Amin Tejani, and Bob Tasikas.
(L-R) Norm Laing, Myra Thompson, Kim Campbell, and Glenn Brown.
(L-R) Mike Murillo, Chris Betty, Serge Sotoadeh, and Randy Widdis.
(L-R) Ray Maher, Paul Maclean, John McLaurin, and Paul Mills.
(L-R) Chad Howson, Anne Gilligan, Sunny Yokota, and Jay Goldberg.
(L-R) Todd Campbell, Bob Russelle, Jim Koch, and Bert Wietzes.
(L-R) Nick Chopra, Derek Schiavone, Darcelle Valade, and Andrew Valade.
(L-R) Mark Romeo, Vince Palumbo, Frank Romeo, and Mike Romeo.
(L-R) Dave Buchanan, Alysha Bell, John Sidoti, and Craig Cowling.
(L-R) Glen Stark, Bobby Dann, Greg Fenzyl, and Rick Cameron.
(L-R) Mike Karim, Bob Attrell, Alain Couturier, and John Merrifield.
(L-R) John Flynn, Jenan Culic, Shahin Alizadeh, and Christopher Lina.
(L-R) Ron Provost, Ken Diab, Darryl Sheridan, and Omar Khan.
(L-R) Paul Dempsey, Jamie East, Craig Harrald, and David Kostichuk.
(L-R) Kyle Orlando, Jason McCleanahan, Shane Hambly, and Ian McDougald.
The TADA team of organizers for the 2019 Southern Golf Tournament.
Attendees getting ready for tee-off.

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