Kijiji Autos Debuts at DealerTalkX

Matthew McKenzie, GM, Kijiji Canada introduces Kijiji Autos. (Photos: Jack Kazmierski)

New shopping tool will compete head-to-head with AutoTrader.

Built in the late 1800s, “The Great Hall,” located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario served as the venue for the latest instalment of DealerTalkX. The event attracted auto industry professionals from the Greater Toronto Area, and served as the platform for the introduction of Kijiji Autos.

Launching later this year, Kijiji Autos will compete head-to-head with AutoTrader for top spot as the go-to tool for the sale of new and used vehicles, by dealers and consumers alike.

Available for both web browsers and mobile apps, Kijiji Autos boasts a number of innovative features, including vehicle recommendations based on user lifestyle. While consumers will be able to search for their vehicle of choice by make and model, this new lifestyle feature is designed to help those who may not know exactly which vehicles would best suit their needs.

The new tool will also include dealer ratings, and a price analysis feature for those looking for a used vehicle. And although Kijiji Autos will be separate from the existing Kijiji platform, users will be able to access Kijiji Autos using their existing Kijiji accounts. Users will also be able to save their search criteria, allowing them to pick up where they left off the last time they visited the site.

Generation gap

One of the more lively presentations at the latest DealerTalkX was by Kelly Lovell, CEO of Lovell Corporation. Lovell talked about Millennials and the next generation, Gen Z.

And for those who still see Millennials as young twenty-somethings, Lovell reminded the audience that this generation is now reaching their 40s, which means they are no longer the youngest in the workforce.

Lovell explained that the new mindset for both generations is “working to live, not living to work.” Their work is not their end goal. Work finances their life. It’s not about working your way up the ladder anymore. Millennials want a work / life balance, while Gen Z wants more meaning in their careers. They’re more success driven and entrepreneurial than Millennials.

“You need to understand this because one in every thee employees will leave you this year,” Lovell added.

For employees who want to work at home, flex schedules could give them the flexibility they want. Autonomy at work allows them to build their own schedules, while a “personal day bank” allows them to take time off when they need it. 

Better mental health will be a focus as the pace of life accelerates, along with the stress that comes with it. 


The day concluded with a presentation by Doug Lipp, former Disney executive. The focus of his presentation, “7 Lessons from Disney University,” had to do with change and agility. Lipp encouraged the executives in the room to be more open minded, try new things, and get out of their comfort zone. 

Leanne Kripp, Director, Head of Autos, Kijiji Canada explains how Kijiji Autos will benefit dealers.
Kelly Lovell, CEO of Lovell Corporation, explains what drives Millennials and Gen Z.
Former Disney executive, Doug Lipp, talks about how to master change.
Malte Kruger, VP, eBay Classified Germany, explains how his company caters to the needs of European consumers.
Program emcee, Michael Cirillo, set the pace for the information-packed day.

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