TADA Hosts Ontario Dealer Day

Hunter Engineering
Hunter Engineering, one of the many vendors who made Ontario Dealer Day possible. Ted Thiessen, John Peron, Robert Ross (Photo: Jack Kazmierski)

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association (TADA), in partnership with Consolidated Dealers, hosts the fourth annual Ontario Dealer Day.

The latest Ontario Dealer Day took place in Woodbridge, Ontario on April 11th. “This year, our trade show was bigger than ever, dealer registration was higher than ever, and our booth space sold out faster than in the previous three years,” said Todd Bourgon, Executive Director of the TADA.

When dealers were asked why they attend Ontario Dealer Day, many said they appreciate the one-stop shopping experience. “It’s great to have everyone in one spot, so you can check everything out at once,” said Jason Van Schoonhoven, Fixed Operations Manager at Maple Toyota. “It’s nice to see the newest products in action, rather than just seeing them in a catalogue, or having a rep try to explain them. You actually get to see them in use. It makes a big difference.”

“This event is fantastic,” said Pasqualli Petrozzi, Service Manager at Maple Toyota. “There are lots of different vendors, new tools, DMS systems, everything. It’s my first time here, but I’m going to be back next year, for sure.”

Manuel Der Haroutiounian, Owner/Manager of Bayview Steels Auto said, “The show is great. The vendors are friendly and there’s lots of opportunity to see demos and find deals. I’ve been coming every year, and I think the list of vendors has gotten better.”

The daylong trade show was held in conjunction with the TADA’s annual general meeting.  “We just inducted our new President, Larry Lantz,” said TADA’s Bourgon. “We also brought Mike Eatson, from Peterborough VW, into the executive. He is our new secretary. We saw Doug Sullivan retire from the executive, and we’re happy to report that Susan Gubasta has become vice-president. Susan is the first woman in our 110 year history not only to be on the executive, but she is now one step away from being out next president.”

Cliff Lafreniere, from Pinewood Park Motors in Kirkland Lake, moved into the role of treasurer. “It’s an exciting time,” Bourgon added.

Cox Automotive - (L-R) Kim Andrews, Mike Lambe, Martin St-Onge, Rob Bertulli, Nathan Smith
Canadian Black Book - (L-R) Rui Nunes, Richard Phillips
Hall-Chem - June McCarthy
BASF - (L-R) Don Teevens, Cameron Lavender
Metric Storage Systems - (L-R) Deacon Strachan, Justin King
Quorum - (L-R) Greg Kolecki, Mark McVittie, Glen Roylance
Reynolds and Reynolds - (L-R) (sitting) Pam Anderson, Ben Stipp; (standing) Ariel Norman, Patrick Simpson, Lori Bond
Naked Lime - (L-R) Priscilla Lee, Matt Kolsky
Shell - David Bates
Trader - (L-R) Klaris Kovacs, Jody Gill
National Bank - (L-R) Mario Paolillo, David Martin, Donna Dean, Gilberto Villatoro, Roberto Nardi
Diamond Kote - (L-R) Colin Johnson, Jamie Kerr
PBE - (L-R) Darrin Heise, Chris Haldane, David Pereira
Audatex - Carla Matta
Consolidated Dealers - (L-R) Craig Kirby, Mike Beier, Tom Langton
3M Canada - (L-R) Bill Suzuki, Craig Alvaro
Atlas Tire - (L-R) Paul Dean, Peter Hanson, Safdar Khan, June Walker, Renzo Castagnia, Jim Shkut, Laurie Dwyer, Mike DeAbreu
Georgian College - (L-R) June Martin, Joe Lauzon

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